At this past E3 I had a chance to once again talk with Koji Igarashi of Castlevania fame in Nintendo’s playable 3DS area. At the time, he expressed great interest in the platform and told me that he’s already involved with several projects for it. When I asked him if one of these titles was a new Castlevania, he told me that the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS have been great for the series thus far and that he always has new ideas to carry the franchise further.

Though that wasn’t a confirmation that he was indeed making a new Castlevania for the 3DS, it was a pretty good sized hint suggesting it, or at least that he had ideas for it…eventually.

Today I received a considerable sized rumor from the same source that brought me the Zone of Enders 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5 tips, that artists and 3D modelers have already begun to work on the next Castlevania game and that it’s for 3DS. Furthermore, talk has gone around the studio how to cleverly make use of the 3DS’ 3D cameras. That part, if true, makes more sense than using the handheld’s motion controls on their own, because Koji revealed to me in the past that though he finds “motion gaming” interesting, it’s not best suited for longterm gaming sessions or for the more hardcore-type of game that requires extreme precission.

This news has me pretty excited, because I’m a big fan of the Castlevania series and I know that if Koji is behind a project, its chances of delivering go up considerably. I’m curious for now to see if this project will be the next masterpiece 2D ‘Vania or another attempt at a 3D action-adventure game. I’m rooting for an epic 2D adventure with whatever type of clever 3D use Konami can come up with.

Koji Igarashi working on new Castevania for 3DS on Paul Gale Network
Here’s Koji Igarashi with Paul Gale at E for All in 2007.

What kind of game do you want the next Castlevania to be? Are you down for another grand 2D quest like most of the entries have been in the last several years or do you prefer your Castlevania to be more God of War-like?

27 thoughts on “Koji Igarashi working on new Castlevania for 3DS?”
  1. I think IGA has a very solid base now thanks to Lords of Shadow, an epic adventure like that game, reskinned with the old saga mythos and characters is a win in my book, bring us 3D IGA!

  2. i hate milked franchises!

    Why do they keep remaking things, it’s like the story would never evolve but always be about some trash Belmont going to a castle to kill Dracula!

    When will this sucker develop the story further?

    Lords of Shadow is great, why don’t the develop the sequel on that version?

  3. I really don’t want Castlevania to become a 3D franchise because it’s one of the very few 2D gaming franchises that are still popular today and it should stay like that.

    Bring on Julius Belmont’s adventure Konami!!!

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