Sonic the Hedgehog
Old School Sonic is back.

On, it was recently announced that Sega was very impressed by Blob Van Dam‘s work on the Sonic and Knuckles 3D trailer he created. It’s good to know that this truly awesome fan piece got noticed by Sega and received a tip of the hat.

Talk about an impressive video.

This isn’t a fan game just in case you were hoping to eventually download it some day. Instead, it’s a completel 3D rendering that the very talented artist made ground up. Who knows…with Sega liking this project themselves and depending on what the reaction is like from fans around the net, maybe their next game will take a similar approach. In the meantime though, we have Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors to look forward to and both seem like fun. Personally, from what I’ve played of Colors at E3, it’s going to be one to look out for.

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