Super Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario didn’t have any lengthy voice acting. Should it though?

Super Paper Mario is an excellent title that came out a few years ago on Wii, and during a time long before even our first Galaxy outing. Despite the couple of years between the two games, and for that matter, all Mario adventures, none have ever had a full cast of characters backed by voice actors with multiple lines of dialogue. It’s not like Mario games really need voice acting, either, but would it be nice if some characters with a lot to say had lines that fit their personality? I thought so and that’s why I made this video.

Francis with a voice.

This was my take on Francis, the nerd iguana in the game. Super Paper Mario is already a funny enough game as is, with some really good humor and a tight storyline that’ll make you laugh on many occasions, but this character in particular really seemed like a perfect fit to have a voice. What do you think of my voice acting work for Francis? And after hearing it, do you think that future Mario games should have voice acting or is it just not suited well for this franchise? I hope you like the video.

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