According to a recent interview with Street Fighter X Tekken producer, Yoshinori Ono in Famitsu, Capcom’s game is expected to come out in 2012. It also will debut before the Namco-developed Tekken X Street Fighter. Yoshi then stated that Capcom and Namco are not working with each other on these two titles. Katsuhiro Harada from Namco Bandai will be leading his own project, so maybe this thing will be a competition in itself, to see which studio turns out the better fighter. Regardless, Ono said that we wouldn’t see anything on at least his game until Capcom’s Captivate 11 event, next April. When more develops, you’ll find it here.

2 thoughts on “Street Fighter X Tekken gets a release year and more details are revealed.”
  1. Well let’s hope for both games to be great. Since they aren’t working on this collaboratively then it will be a competition between the two companies. This is great for the fans. Nice and fast job on getting the news on the estimated release date Paul :).

    1. Competition always brings out the best in a person/company/whatever. I can’t wait to see how Capcom’s final product looks like, as well as the first glimpse from Namco on their game. Thanks for the positive comment! 🙂

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