Street Fighter III Third Strike: Fight for the Future originally came out in arcades and then Sega Dreamcast, in 1999. Then, for Street Fighter’s 15th anniversary, it was released as part of a collection for PlayStation 2 and Xbox (in which this version had online play). Now Capcom is bringing this game back as a downloadable title, similar to how they not too long ago brought back Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Street Fighter III Third Strike: Fight for the Future
Maybe before Capcom makes a Street Fighter 5, they’ll remake this classic using SF4’s engine and make it more accessible to a new generation. For now though, this online port is going to be great.

We don’t know what platforms this game will be made available for, but Virtual Console, PSN, and Xbox Live are all appropriate and entirely possible. On the Nintendo side of things, it was recently stated that Big N wants to have more arcade hits on their Virtual Console platform, so I wouldn’t rule them out. As for Sony and Microsoft, it’s probably a safe bet to expect SF3 on those companies’ platforms, if Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and other fighting games are any indication. More information should come not too long from now.

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