Metroid: Other M
Metroid: Other M arrives August 31st.

Metroid: Other M for Wii is one hotly anticipated game and it’s coming out in just over a month here in the United States. This trailer says September 2nd at the end, but don’t worry because that’s the Japanese release date…and this is video footage of that version of the game. I had a chance to play Other M at E3 several times and for pretty lengthy sessions at that and must say that it feels pretty awesome. Enjoy the new footage that comes in at around 1:30 in the following video and see just how hard at work Team Ninja and Nintendo must be in making this game something to please all Metroid fans.

This new trailer shows off some of Samus’ more advanced weapons, new environments, different music, baddies we haven’t seen yet, and what appears to be a hint at a popular foe from our heroes past…

If anyone has any specific questions about Metroid: Other M, feel free to ask, as I will answer each person individually. I’ve played every area of the game so far shown at an event and got some extra playtime with each session, so my feedback comes from some solid hands-on time. With that, I’m opening up a Metroid Q/A.

2 thoughts on “Brand new Metroid: Other M trailer shows off new areas. Plus Metroid Q/A.”

    *”Will we see some sort of a easter egg for one of Team NINJA’s games in Metroid Other M?”

    *”Any bonus for having a Metroid Prime games save file and it unlocking a special feature or costume for Other M?”

    *Will Super Metroid be included in Other M? Just like how Metroid Prime included Metroid NES to the game?

    1. First of all, good questions. Regarding if we’ll see some sort of easter egg or a Team Minja game in Metroid: Other M, I heard at E3 that there will be some “classic Team Ninja fun” in this title. And it wasn’t in regards to fast/hard gameplay, but more in line with a fun shouout…that’s how I interpreted it.

      About Metroid Prime to Other M integration, I don’t know, but if I find out, I’ll definitely write about it. It sure would be cool!

      I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Super Metroid pop up in M:oM, since this game is a sequel and all. This hasn’t been made official anything, but those are my thoughts.

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