Street Fighter X Tekken
Fighting fans rejoice! Street Fighter X Tekken is a reality…and so is Tekken X Street Fighter!

Capcom just announced at Comic-Con, the development of two new and very high profile fighting games: Street Fighter X Tekken (which will be developed by Capcom) and Tekken X Street Fighter (being handled by Namco). Check out the first trailer and pictures. Enjoy!

Enjoy the world’s first trailer of Street Fighter X Tekken!

Ryu vs. Kazuya Mishima...Hadouken!
Ryu showing Kazuya what a Hadouken feels like!

Ryu vs. Kazuya in the junkyard.
These graphics remind me of Street Fighter IV’s and that’s a good thing in my book.

Chun Li vs. Kazuya
How will Capcom’s game differ from Namco‘s? Well for now, Chun Li is taking it to Kazuya!

Nina Williams vs. Ryu
I have a feeling that Capcom will balance their game just right. See…now Nina Williams is beating up Ryu!

Now that’s a classic shot. Ryu unleashing his Shoryuken on Kazuya. More pictures can be viewed at Capcom-Unity.

Here’s the full press release:

SAN DIEGO, CA — July 24, 2010 — Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games today announced that Street Fighter X Tekken is in development for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. The title will make history as fighters from these two bastions of the fighting genre come together for the very first time.

Utilizing the same technology that powered Street Fighter™ IV & Super Street Fighter™ IV, Tekken™ characters such as Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams will make the transition into the Street Fighter™ universe having been re-imagined using the much-loved art style of these seminal titles; while retaining their unique characteristics and signature moves as they go head-to-head with classic brawlers from the Street Fighter franchise in what promises to be the ultimate match up.

As in Street Fighter IV, 2D gameplay will feature fully realized 3D character models battling for domination in both new and familiar highly detailed environments that are brought to life with engaging animations. In addition to modes such as Versus and Training that will feature new enhancements to make the fighting experience more in-depth and enjoyable, Street Fighter X Tekken will include Tag Team combat where players select two fighters to deliver knockout assist attacks and special combos.

Gameplay footage of Ryu against Kazuya!

Finally, to end this awesome preview of Street Fighter X Tekken, Mr. Yoshinori Ono had this to say, “This is history we’re making. Two fighting games that have rivalled each other are finally standing on the same stage. This isn’t just a showdown between Tekken and Street Fighter, but a decisive battle for Capcom and Namco Bandai Games. So I’m going to give it my all.”

After the awesome teaser trailer and gameplay footage, I can hardly wait until I see this game again!

9 thoughts on “Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter just announced! First trailer and details.”
  1. It really does have the SSFIV vibe to the game, meaning that it’s going to be awesome especially since you can Tag Team. We’ll have to see the routes to what Capcom and Namco will do with their own games. Can’t wait for more news about it.

    1. I agree. The tag team addition is pretty cool in my opinion and will be one more thing to help separate this from Super Street Fighter IV (like the Tekken addition isn’t enough already). Hopefully Namco’s efforts are cool as well.

  2. Damn, can’t wait!!! Both version are gonna be great, I’m more excited to see the Namco Tekken style version, but this one looks pretty awesome 😉 Now, I still can dream, but I’ve always wanted to see Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat ( SF vs. MK ) that would be amazing, now since the new Mortal Kombat game goes back to its 2D style roots with 3D graphics ( 2.5D ) and new tag team system. They can also do 2 different version, one more like MK play style, and really violent, and one more like SF faster gameplay, less violent. Will go perfect especially since both have long range and short range, magic, and a variety of characters, with both game having perfect match up counterparts, like Bison vs Raiden, Vega vs Barraka, Ryu vs Sub-Zero, Ken vs Scorpion, Sonya vs Cammy, Fei Long vs Lu Kang, Akuma vs Sagat, Zangief vs Jax and so many more !

    1. I hear ya! On the Capcom side of things, I know that I will LOVE Street Fighter X Tekken, because it’s made by the most experienced 2D gameplay fighting game company around. Plus, the foundation of the game is based off of SF4’s engine and that’s incredibly solid, so I have no doubt that it’ll be great.

      That being said, I’m intrigued to see what Namco delivers. What will the visual style be like? Are the characters going to be hyper-realistic, will the stages be the same, will you fight in a 3D plane with sidestepping and 8-way movement!? I need to know and am stoked to find out! 🙂

      Now regarding Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat…that’s my ideal crossover game, because those were for years, the two biggest fighting game franchises in the arcades that had their own distinct fanbase. There was a time when every other cover of Electronic Gaming Monthly and Game Pro were either SF or MK based.

      Those matchups you mentioned would be awesome. I’d love to see Ryu and Ken fight Sub Zero and Scorpian. Just imagine the sick cinema scenes that would no doubt tell this game’s story! How about M. Bison taking on Shao Khan, Fei Long vs Liu Kang, and too many others to mention. Man, it’s just be so cool.

      And on the one hand, I’d like to see it in hand drawn 2D animation like old school Street Fighter games, with another version having 2D gameplay, but 3D polygonal work. Super moves vs. Fatalities…that’s the one area where there’d be some extra work needed to figure out, but I’m sure it could be done and done well at that.

      Since I’m having fun here, what’d probably be my biggest fighting game wish is Nintendo vs. Capcom. Mario, Ryu, Link, Dante, and so much more! If there’d be two versions, I’d choose one to play like Street Fighter and one like Smash Bros.

      What fun. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Wow, thanks for the very positive comment. Hopefully in time with more quality efforts by me and support from people like you, this site will get higher props in those seach engines. 🙂

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