Capcom is on a roll at Comic-Con this year, because in addition to the big reveal of Street Fighter X Tekken, we get more screenshots of Super Street Fighter IV 3DS.

Super Street Fighter IV 3DS
Super Street Fighter IV 3DS looks really good.

I haven’t played the game, but at E3 I did go hands with close to every 3DS demo available, and can honestly say that this system can really produce some nice visuals. Street Fighter should also handle well on the system thanks to the four button face layout, the two shoulder ones, and a comfortable analog slider/d-pad. Here’s to more from Capcom on this promising handheld fighter.

2 thoughts on “New pictures of Super Street Fighter IV 3DS from Comic-Con.”
  1. I’m really surprised at how great the graphics look on a hand-held device. Hope to see more news and pictures from Street Fighter IV 3DS and the 3DS.

    1. The Nintendo 3DS pumps out amazing graphics. I think I was most impressed with Resident Evil Revelations…I mean, it was nearly as solid as RE5 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This handheld is going to blow people away.

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