More cool news from Comic-Con! In a recent panel, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune spoke a little bit on Mega Man Universe. I’m getting more excited each day to see this game in action. Read just what Mr. Inafune had to say, below.

Mega Man Universe

“We wanted to preserve as much as we can of the classic 8-bit Mega Man feel, while allowing players to project their own Mega Man onto the game. We wanted to create a platform where players can play as their favorite version of Mega Man, another Capcom character, or maybe a different character completely. You’ll be able to play as the Mega Man of your dreams. The game will also unite Mega Man fans, putting them together in one specific place. We talked about how crappy the original package art was, but there’s somebody out there that loves that one and probably wants to play as him. We made the trailer purposely mysterious, because we wanted to play on the idea of what Mega Man is.

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