As we approach the halfway mark of December, good news just came in for fans of our favorite bounty hunter, Samus Aran. Paul Gale Network has received another sales update on Metroid Dread and it is in line with the anticipated trajectory, followed by a stronger-than-usual launch for a game in the series. I can report that based off of globally known numbers which include physical and digital alike, the title is now at 2.5 million.

It was previously all but certain that the game would reach 2.5m by December 31st, but with that number being achieved as of December 3rd, that leaves the vast majority of the month for the game to really shine (healthy legs willing). More as it develops.

Update: Mat Piscatella from the NPD Group, on Twitter, confirmed that in US for the month of November, Metroid Dread was the 11th best selling game on Nintendo Switch. (NPD does not have eShop data, nor do they have sales information from other countries.)

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