Zendaya is a Californian born actress, singer, and philanthropist. At just 24 years old (born September 1st, 1996), this young woman has had quite the impact on Hollywood and beyond. From doing a fantastic job in Dancing with the Stars to making MJ a loveable character in both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far from Home…to her hit song “Rewrite the Stars” earning a double platinum and becoming the youngest winner of a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her character Rue in Euphoria, these are just a few of the stunning accomplishments of Zendaya’s.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman with Paul Gale Network

What Paul Gale Network admires even more, however, is when someone of such fantastic fame, does wonders with it. Zendaya has helped support several charities over the years, celebrated her 18th birthday by being a part of a campaign that aided hungry children in foreign countries, and has worked with women empowerment groups. She has been an advocate of anti-racism and uses her presence to address bullying, injustices, and body shaming.

I have always valued good people in this world and love giving credit where it’s due. Far before becoming a father myself, this was my philosophy. Being a dad these days though, I have an even greater amount of respect for those that contribute to the world, as I know my children will need role models to look up to.

Thank you, Zendaya for being so awesome to us, this afternoon. It was a pleasure meeting and seeing that you’re just as awesome in person as you have always appeared to be on TV and social media. I appreciate you being kind, sweet, and interactive with my my kids, wife, and me. 😁 You made our day!

For all you’ve done in your career, congratulations…your entertainment thus far has truly been excellent. For your presence in the world of philanthropy and advocacy, you have my sincere gratitude. Being recognizable in this world is amazing, but being a genuine person and doing something powerful with your platform is what takes you to another level of special. By the way, since you’re a fellow animal lover, one of these days I’d be more than happy to give you a copy of my book, Lisek’s Great Adventure, as a small gift for being so cool to us.

From Kim, Bryson, Brooke, and me, thank you again and here’s wishing you the best in all you do moving forward in life! Now then…we can’t wait to see you in Spider-Man: No Way Home! Take care!

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