Back on October 30th, 2011, Paul Gale Network announced that a PlayStation 3 exclusive was being developed and that its code name was Title Fight, which would eventually be called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. For months, I worked on bringing what news I had, to the public. Not all information I received wound up being correct, but I personally did what I could. Have a look here and enjoy some never before seen easy footage on the game.

I do have to correct Beta64 on a couple of things, however. My friend at Sony who was my source through all of this, told me that James Bond was a possible/interesting character because Skyfall was set to come out in November of 2012, which is close to when this game’s release was going to be. He may not have been a character that ever got close to development, but was one of the first bits of information that I received on this game. Also, I may have broken the news of this game’s existence in October, 2011, but learned of it many months prior.

All of that being said, I did what I could to help build hype and promote the game, had a great time with the SuperBot Entertainment developers and fellow fans at the PSASBR launch party in LA which I was invited to, and at E3 2012 where the team and I got in some fun discussion. I wish everyone involved the beat in each of their respective careers going forward.

If you would like to see plenty more, early footage, screenshots, etc., from the debug version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle (tentatively named Title Fight during development), check out “kuriatsu” on YouTube. Here is one video that’s up:

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