Metroid - Samus Aran Varia Suit Statue by First 4 Figures F4F on Paul Gale Network.

Today I had the sad task of needing to break down my Samus Aran – Varia Suit statue. First 4 Figures creates amazing pieces (this one included), and has a policy that if yours arrives with defects going beyond that which is acceptable, they will send you a full replacement. The only thing that is required on your part, is to show yourself destroying your original.

It’s a difficult thing to do…breaking down what really is a beautiful piece of art, of one my my favorite characters in videogaming, but it’s necessary. When you pay $500 or so for a statue and understand that they are all individually hand painted, you do know that slight errors may be present, but that it should be pretty close to perfect.

All prior F4F statues of mine have been flawless and I really like the company. My Samus Aran just happened to have issues that are probably rare for the piece, but ones that when I shared them with the company, they were under full agreement that my statue did not meet their standards of quality…thus recommending go through with this process.

Here is to my Samus Aran replacement being a perfect one! And thank you Firat 4 Figures for being so consumer friendly.

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