Back in 2012, Paul Gale Network learned from sources that Retro Studios was close to working on a game for Wii U, called Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga and last month I received information from the same people that the company may be working on Star Fox: Grand Prix.

Star Fox: Grand Prix on Paul Gale Network
Star Fox: Grand Prix – Pitched game or Fully in development?

Reports are coming in from various outlets today, that are stating they’ve received word on this game being in development, too. A little more time will be needed before finding out for sure whether this title is full on, in development and coming to Nintendo Switch next year or it was another proposition that got left on the cutting board.

What PGN does know is that if Grand Prix is shown at E3 in 29 days, the gaming community is going to be shocked.

How does a Star Fox game that draws inspiration from F-Zero in terms of racing speed and Diddy Kong Racing when it comes to X and Y axis control/boss encounters, sound to you? Paul Gale Network likes the possibilities. Here’s to E3 hopefully confirming this rumor, one way or the other.

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