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Wish Box
Text 818-217-8978 (or 877-730-7552) to get anything you need on demand!

Introducing the smartest, fastest delivery on demand service: Wish Box. Wish box is a text-based (SMS) intelligence software that allows you to order anything you want and have it delivered to you as soon as possible. Text from anywhere and get anything.

Whether you’re a gamer that doesn’t have the time to go to the store and pick up the latest title for your console or a college student cramming for finals, that could really go for a freshly delivered caffeine boost…WishBox.com will get it for you ASAP. This is an excellent service that will save you a drive, save you time, and become your new, most effective way of getting anything you want.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a certain fast food, but are busy entertaining company and can’t just up and leave to get your burger and fries. The problem you normally face in this scenario is that most fast food places don’t deliver. With Wish Box, however, you can have it brought right to your door in a matter of minutes.

Another possible scenario for Wish Box’s use is getting tough items that are first come, first serve. It’s 8am and a certain electronics store is about to have the latest Amiibo go on sale, but you’ve been at work since 7 and there’s no way you can get them. Face it, they’ll be all sold out by the time you get home. With Wish Box though, you can just text 818-217-8978 (or 877-730-7552) and you’ll have someone get your Amiibo and deliver them to you. Excellent, right?

These are just a few possibilities, of course, but to see just how useful the service is, check it out for yourself. Go Wish Box!

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Bonus! If you mention “Referred by Paul Gale Network and Go Nintendo”, following your text, you will get 10% off the delivery!

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