Pokken Tournament officially revealed on Paul Gale Network
First official screenshot of Pokkén Tournament.

From The Pokémon Company, creators of the Tekken series, and creators of the SoulCalibur series comes Pokkén Tournament! This game is currently set to premiere in Japanese arcades in 2015. As you can see from the first gameplay footage shown in this trailer, the project is quite far along (proving that the brief look we saw in 2013 of a what appeared to be a Pokemon fighting game, was in fact just that).

Nintendo hasn’t announced any specifics yet on a Wii U release for Japan or if the game may come to arcades in the United States. The latter is probably not too likely to happen, since the arcade scene in the US these days isn’t so hot. Paul Gale Network does expect an eventual Wii U version to come out in all territories.

Katsuhiro Harada (from Tekken) and Masaaki Hoshino (from SoulCalibur) are the two lead producers on the project and you know they mean business when it comes to fighting games. Let us know what you think of this huge reveal!

Pokken Tournament when it was known as Pokkén Fighters on Paul Gale Network
Pokkén Tournament when we first saw it as “Pokkén Fighters” in 2013.

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