I just received some very unfortunate, sad, and generally shocking news this morning from my friend Gil Ruta at NOA, that Jenny Majalca has recently passed. Jenny was a really awesome lady that at each year’s E3 trade show, always was very helpful and friendly towards us at Paul Gale Network. Whether it was coordinating a meeting between Charlie Scibetta, Reggie Fils-Aime, and me, general talk about the show itself, or life sharing stories…this woman was always so full of positive energy and really took interest in me and what I had to say.

I’m writing this primarily in hopes that her son A.J. will see it. Buddy, I wish you lots of strength during this time of loss and though I can’t imagine how difficult of a time you must be going through, let it be of some ease in knowing that everyone thought your mom was one cool lady and that she not only loved you very much but will always love you.

Remembering Jenny Majalca from Nintendo of America on Paul Gale Network
Jenny Majalca, far left…always a friendly face to see.

Some of the most fun talks that we had at E3 over the years, were actually about you. She told me how much you liked Bowser and your dog, Frayly, and that she thought a copy of my book (Lisek’s Great Adventure) would be perfect for you. She showed me on multiple occasions your 3DS and how she brought it to every event she went to, to get your Mii Plaza full, get as many puzzle pieces as possible, and complete Find Mii. She was and is always going to be proud of you and from how positive she made you out to be…I know that you’ll be alright.

Jen was a good friend and will definitely be missed. From randomly meeting at The Legend of Zelda concert in Los Angeles and grabbing a picture off my phone to send to Charlie to enthusiastically accepting a PGN award at E3 to really just being someone classy and good hearted whenever we spoke…thank you for always being awesome.

Rest in Piece my friend. And A.J., should you read this article and ever want a friend to talk to, you’ve got some support right here.

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