Screw Attack’s Death Battle series has always been an awesome one in my opinion and coming soon will be their biggest project ever: Goku vs. Superman! Here’s the preview.

As a huge fan of both characters, I’m really looking forward to seeing this 30 minute masterpiece play out. Who do you think will win? Goku at Super Saiyan 4 levels or Silver Age Superman? Paul Gale Network will definitely be sharing the full video as soon as it goes up. Place your bets!

2 thoughts on “Goku vs. Superman preview. Full video coming soon!”
  1. I never like the dragon ball series and about superman I always prefer batman but in this case I will choose superman and I think he is gonna win jajja ey who you think it’s gonna win??

    1. I don’t know who will win, but I’m thinking that if they go with Superman at his most maximum strength and abilities that were written into his storyline over the years, that it’ll be him. Hard to say though, because Goku is an incredibly powerful and well diversified character as well. Gonna be exciting!

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