Fresh from Paul Gale Network: Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk are coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!

ByPaul Gale

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Paul Gale Network just learned that Kat is indeed confirmed to be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and will be coming to the game in early 2013 as free DLC. This is great news for Gravity Rush fans and for everyone buying the game. She’ll come with a moveset that puts her in unique positions all over the field, delivering a clever form of aerial assault combat. This is a character that my source originally informed me that was being made available as a downloadable addition, after fans asked for her so dearly. I’m happy to report that the information was correct, but regarding Emmett Graves…even that is news to me!

This Starhawk hero will have his signature weapons that he had in “Outcasts on Dus”t and will feature a playstyle that involves him calling help down from the sky. Both characters WILL be free to download, but you have to download both within the first two weeks of their availability.

For more on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and when these two characters will have their releases, stay tuned to PGN!

Check out what Seth Killian has to say on the matter right here.

126 thoughts on “Fresh from Paul Gale Network: Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk are coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!”
  1. BRILLIANT!!! Kat’s here, finally! And it’s free, even. Thumbs up for SuperBot and Sony, this is absolute class. Can’t wait for more news on upcoming DLC.

  2. FIRST!!!

    but aside from that YES kat is in if spyro was in this this game would have been beyond perfection im so excited over this news as not only a playstation gamer but also a vita gamer

  3. Wow Superbot really delivered with Kat. Can’t wait to try them out. The final game is already a blast to play! Superbot really made an awesome fighter. DLC just makes it more than perfect.

  4. My hype is at the level 3 (jaja a psallstars joke) and in some moments it would be in level 4 jajajjaja 😀 love it I only hope that the free dlc will be for all the ps store users jeje and also I hope that Superbot dont do a complete edition or a omega edition or a gold edition of the game jajja 😀

    1. Why would you hope that they wouldnt release that.Yo have to also realize that there are many people out there who just dont have internet access, so sometimes complete additions is the only way for them to get extra content.What matters is how soon they release it.Most likely it will be around when Paul said but after they’ve completely supported the game as much as possible.

      1. Oh sorry what I really want to say Is that I hope that they dont do the same thing that capcom did with street fighter 4 you know a super street fighter 4 with the same characters but they put more characters or like marvel vs capcom 3 and after that an ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 sorry if I gave the wrong idea…
        the complete edition idea is good for me is cool for the people who doesnt have the internet access 😀

  5. Both Kat and Emmet were requested amongst the internet and it feels good knowing and actually confirming 2 dlc characters before the games even released.A little flustered about the wait as thanks giving or christmas would be perfect times to release these guys.Now all we need to know is what prices will be for individuel or duo characters & Levels etc. Paul you should have some kind of celebration or give away if any one from your final 4 gets announced…

    1. the pricing on these 2 are free but, pricing on future content would be nice just to guage out how much extra your gunna spend over time; Like with MK i always kept 4.99 in my acount just incase a new character was released.

      1. Ok good! and another question…I remember Omar saying something about unlockable custom parts (like hats and stuff) for characters…is this still in the game?

  6. I wonder which other characters will come next?

    It’s also nice to know that even Paul can be suprised by announcements too, like the rest of us. XD

  7. With the announcement of these 2 characters, that means we will have to wait even longer for Cloud, Snake, Crash and Spyro. We actually now have a lower chance of them getting in since DLC characters won’t be coming forever.

    1. Well, we got 2 things here:

      1) You gotta change your name now (LOL XD)


      2) SuperBot hasn’t said what the limit of DLC characters will be if there are even any more after Kat and Emmet.

  8. you know paul i love loggin on to pgn a few times a day, even if there is nothing new, i love reading comments on ps allstars related stories. wether it’s to read other people hype, dissapiontment, or to correct them with the correct information.
    and even though i wasnt first i cant wait to see gameplay videos of emmet and kat, especially kat

            1. Oh please i’m talking about the beta leak characters. The exact day after the leaks you had that stupid Q&A. You basically answered questions on everything we already knew because of the leaks.

  9. I really hope that Crash & Spyro are the next few to be announced or Crash & Cloud, or Crash or Snake. Regardless I still want to see Crash, I see it kind of impossible to do without with all of the past clues and information people have been finding. Also I’m still hearing that Superbot is still trying to negotiate with Activision for the IP, why with the option of DLC Activision would be crazy not too! All I’m saying is that Crash Bandicoot will definitely be in the next DLC reveal and with that being said, how many characters are being confirmed?

  10. I had to laugh. You are honestly taking credit for kat being in? LOL BAHAHAHAHHAH people were guessing her before you even said anything. Emmet being in should basically prove you were lying but i still see people blindly believing you even though Omar himself said you were a fraud. You never give up.

    1. I’m not taking credit for Kat being in the game. What I said is that thanks to the Internet’s high demand for her, SuperBot listened and worked her in as dlc. Pretty awesome of them in my opinion. And free! About Emmett Graves, I did not know of his inclusion, but like I said, am happily surprised. 🙂

        1. I never lied about anything. I only shared information as I received it. Look back in time and you’ll see that for the first 6 of the last 13 months, I was the only one with news on this game. And even in the last 7, still did what I could to help promote it and bring entertainment to all of its passionate fans. You’re barking up the wrong tree and coming off hostile for no good reason. An opinion is one thing, but unnecessary and false accusations isn’t appreciated. It’s ok though. I know that from your perspective, if not everything is 100% legit, it’s sour, but know from my side of the fence, that all any news outlet tries to do is report on what they can, as they get it. No harm done.

          1. Lets take a look back then Paul:

            You said character rivalries would be A vs B and B vs C and so on. You were wrong.

            You said there would be unlockable characters. You were wrong.

            When that picture on the website came in the open you acted like it was real. You were wrong.

            You said we would get over 20 on disc characters. You were wrong.

            The only thing that could’ve proved you right was that poster you were happy to brag about. You have had over 2 months to get it and you failed. Its a poster not the holy grail, it should not be so hard to get.

            Clockw0rk, Seth Killian and Omar Kendall have all called you a fraud.

            I rest my case

            1. abu shut the *%$* up and quit being an a** paul isnt claiming that he is responsible for this game or every snip of info about it he is simply puting info about psasbr on his site its you who choose to come here and complain.

              BE GONE TROLL

          2. Just ignore those idiots like Abu. All of these ******* calling you a liar just makes me root for you even more. I’m not gonna blame you if Crash doesn’t make the cut (though i’ll be incredibly disappointed).

            GO PAUL!

          3. well I don’t know if your legit or not, personally I kind of suspect your source since imo why not send proof of this so called poster. In any case it was a mistep on sony’s part of not aquiring the high demanded characters before letting this game out to the public.

        2. abu, no one gives a **** about what YOU have to say, Paul has only ever done good things for this game…He was the 1 to reveal it 1st before ANYONE knew about it, yet you can sit there and call him a fraud? wow dude…why even comment? just shut up and ignore

          1. Yea jdude you do realise he only knew about the game because this friend that paul talks about was part of the title fight testing group. After that it was all obscure hints and guessed up until the beta leak.

            1. Lol people who see the truth and are smart makes you sick? i smell A paul gale fanboy. He lied to you, me and all of us.

              Take a look here. He is confirming capture the flag mode even though there is no capture the flag mode. He was going entirely by the beta leaks because this huge q&a was a couple days after the leak. Paul saw the leak and thought “this could be useful” and bam he has you all fooled into believing he knew about this before us. IF he did have a source he would’ve told us that 20 was all we were getting. These supposed final four he jabbers on about were never planned to be in the game to start.

              And finally paul. Where is this famous poster? We’ve all been asking to see it and you’ve given a variety of answers. Why did you do it Paul? Why did you troll us? What have we EVER done to you? You probably just wanted hits on your sites, am i right? Seeing as when you post something about PS all stars you get 60 comments at a time.

              1. HA! NO. People who just try to down other people make me sick. no one can really predict whats going to happen in a game. hes just building up hype trying to figure out the game with us.

  11. “This is a character that my source originally informed me that was being made available as a downloadable addition, after fans asked for her so dearly. I’m happy to report that the information was correct”

    Sorry Paul, but Omar confirmed that your source had no connection to the game outside of focus testing Title Fight. There’s no way s/he could have had any real clue that Kat would be in the game, it was a lucky guess based on fan request at the time. Everybody assumed Kat would be DLC.

  12. Wtf, man. You weren’t “20 for 24”. You didn’t give us “hints” for Big Daddy, Evil Cole, Nariko, Sir Dan, Jak, Polygon Man, or Dante.

    Your source was also wrong about a Lair stage and James bond, just because you “went back and corrected” yourself doesn’t mean you weren’t wrong in the first place. That’s not how that works.

    Your source was also wrong about an Assassin’s Creed rep being DLC and about a 3rd female.

    And wrong about a Capture the Flag mode.

    You’re more like 13/29. And I’m probably missing a bunch of other stuff you got wrong because I barely followed your “hints” and “reveals” until I started gaining suspicion of you being full of it.

    Just give up and be the bigger man. The community at GameFAQs already considers you a huge joke, maybe all could be forgotten if you come clean to us.

    1. Bla bla bla man give Paul a break.You guys are so quick to try and burst his bubble and call his bluff when he has no reason to lie and b.s. You cant say Paul or his source was wrong about an assassins creed 3 rep or the 4rd female character etc because there are still plenty more dlc characters to be announced.If you think it stops at Kat & Emmet your crazy.There were tons of characters being considered for this game at different stages and some could have been slightly tested and leaked just like the supposal leaks of Kat a long time ago etc.Also, for your information, Paul did indeed give you guys a hint who the boss was the moment he uploaded the picture of him & Seth Killian with the Polygon Man Shirt.He may not have made it clear at the moment but it was obvious.If anything he could have blurred out the shirt and made up guess a bit more or somethn.Either way, I have faith in Paul and his source that all things said were at the least actually considered if not pulled from the game entirely.You have to remember that Omar has said several times that superbot would basically create the characters they wanted in and then they showed them to the ip holder to sort of sell them on the idea.Whos to say that hasnt happened with Ryu,Chung lee, conner,Cloud etc and so on.

      1. Hey bud, I really appreciate the support. Not everyone has the same type of understanding as you do, so please do know that I’m thankful for it. In this industry, sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong, but I really don’t think that any of us just want to cause chaos or heartache, and that goes to both gamers and companies. I have apologized to those that read my hints as being fact to only find out that the final four were not a part of the initial game’s release, but I was simply going off what I had. Anyways, thank you again.

        1. SAME TYPE OF UNDERSTANDING? LOL you mean blind fanboyism right Paul? Stop this final four bs PLEASE! They were never planned. Team ICO didnt want wander in the game because it would ruin the artistic image they were trying to portray. Activision arent budging, why would superbot lie about that? Seeing responses from SQUARE ENIX hey probably want their representation in a sequel. Raiden is in instead of snake.

              1. @DorkGeniuz That’s nice and dandy that they could have pulled guys out that Paul thought were going to be in it. That’s certainly possible, my question then is, what is Paul Gale? Is he a journalist or just some dude that has loose connections that runs a blog?

                Because for months he’s been trying to sell himself as some legitimate source and giving us these vague” hints of the most obvious of characters. If he was just a dude blogging about what he HEARD might be included in the game instead of trying to make it seem like he KNEW the roster the whole time, no one would be calling for his head on a stake (metaphorically speaking, of course) and no one would “hate” him as much as people “hate” him now.

                What does DLC have to do with anything? If the characters Paul talked about are made DLC, that has NOTHING to do with what Paul knew and how he handled this incorrect information. He basically guessed all of these characters that were highly requested (Crash, Cloud, Kat), why on earth would Superbot NOT want them in the game?

                If Paul Gale is a legit journalist, he should have made sure with 100% certainty that the characters he was “hinting” at were in the game. Can you imagine a journalist from IGN or another credible site making a blunder this egregious? He’d get fired or at least reprimanded heavily.

                And Paul gave us a hint as to who the final boss was, really? Did he pick Seth Killian’s wardrobe that day or something? Hahahaha, Paul is that the alt account you use when you’re under fire?

                Ps. Paul Gale makes money every time someone logs into his site, so that could have EASILY been his motivation to lie.

                1. I don’t need hits to get money. It’s why everything here is free. My martial arts tutorial, personal training techniques, physical therapy help, dieting plans, etc. I have enough revenue from the real world, stock investing (both personally and as an independent investor with other people’s money), selling land, and so on. What I do here is for the sake of loving the game…not to make extra cash. That’s even why for the month of October, half the profits I made off my new book went to Breast Cancer research. I put up news that I receive and see fit. I get “rumors” every week, yet I refrain from sharing them because most probably end up false. However there have been a few times when I didn’t put up something that ended up being correct, but that’s besides the point. I like the interaction with people from all over the world and will continue to roll as I do. In the future, however, certain ways how I go about unveils will be improved.

                2. So if Pauls final 4 does end up in the game as dlc even if its months from now, what will you say then?You guys need to actually read exactly wat Paul has said over and over in the past pertaining to his source and these reveals.Paul has always stated that the rumors could or could not be true as they are rumors and info he got from his source.Everyone can have a source no matter how big or small.Paul never ever said that all the characters he listed were mos def in the game but you keep saying he did.Everything is always up for change and after the 1st title fight leak Paul did things a different way as to respect superbot and try to stay on their good side.You know what man, why are you even on Paul’s site if you hate him so much and think hes a phony.Why are you wasting you life and breath ranting on how wrong you think Paul is.Paul runs his own website pertaining to many things, one of them just happens to be video games.Another thing you didnt even mention was that Paul knew about the ps allstars short movie teaser ad thingies and that there was another one coming.Whether or not the other one coming was the opening sequence is up in the air unless one more airs tomorrow.Point is get a life and just take all information given to you as information until confirmed and you should be okay in life.What Paul did was provide us fans with continuous hype and hope for the game and its characters so regardless of what happens, I and others who still give paul the benefit of the doubt, still appreciate’s everything hes done.

                  1. how can you be so negative of a man you’ve never even met?
                    im not saying i believe EVERYTHING he gets from wherever hes getting it from im simply saying he cant be lying if all hes doing is give us what his source is giving him.

                1. That’s quite a cheap cop-out. Imagine if everyone on the internet was allowed to get away with this stuff. “I’m not lying, I’m just giving out half truths.” Nobody would ever trust any website or journalist on the internet. It’d be like the wild west.

        2. Welcome Paul.Its bound to happen in this kind of media.Some people rarely believed we were even at the La beatdown event and that we played with all the characters.Pictures are always bigger than words but I also understand that information can come in many forms, true or not.This is probably the first game that most of us have actually followed every bit of news we could find about this game in an attempt to keep our hype meter at 500.I think what most gamers dont understand is that sometimes things get pulled in and pulled out of games during development.I just watched some footage from comic-con San Deigo where superbot showed some early footage of the game that they showed to devs and the ip holder etc.There were levels in there that were amazing that were pulled and the kratos level was a bit different etc. fast forward to 10:30 .Anyways just because we havent seen any of the final 4 yet doesn’t mean they aren’t dlc or weren’t planned and talked about at some point.Paul has never outright said that his final four was or wasn’t in the game.I had actually found another source somewhere a month back that had some guy who said he saw cloud as a playable character.Let me see if I can find that source.All in all though dont pay them no mind because those on top will always have haters.

  13. BTW Paul, it’s also confirmed that you were going by the beta leak and not your “source” after the inital reveals, since you claimed there was a capture the flag mode with your picture of you in front of a flag. Capture the flag was what the game was originally going to be based after, not a mode in the game… but the only way you could have known about it at all is from the beta files, where leftover code referred to it.

  14. HEY, PAUL!
    Hey, I have to ask, can you make an article requesting Robbit or something? This was cool, I enjoyed knowing someone more obscure like Kat was there from fan request. Robbit was the first PS character out of Japan and got a sequel. 3 games are on PSN. He’s pretty unique and fun too, with a decent number of fans. I’d say he belongs. I made this, not trying to spam it.

      1. Yeah, that petition is useless and I just realized doesn’t even work. But the request I’m sticking with. He’s my most requested. Who’s yours?

          1. Im fine with either of the 3.Though for me, Crash Bandicoot was basically the first game I played on Ps1, then Spyro,then Tomb Raider,Then Twisted Metal,Then Parappa & so on and so on…

  15. I want someone to explain this to me. If Superbot didn’t lie, Paul’s source didnt lie and Paul didn’t lie then how come we dont see the four characters on disc? Huh troll?

    You like to pretetnd and delude yourself that you are part of superbot. By saying stuff like “stay tuned” and saying you have a source makes you feel like a somebody. You ached for attention and everything just fell into place. You were able to get away with lying your *** off for a year straight.

    We all love attention Paul, But this is not the way to get it. Lying only ends badly. You knew this from the start.
    Somehow you’ve still got people fooled amazingly enough.

    1. Nope, never promised him. When I learned that he was at one time a considered character, since the game was being pegged to have a similar time-wise release as Skyfall, I put up a picture of me as Bond as a hint for the game’s character himself. As you know, the roster had hundreds of potentials and it got narrowed down to 20 plus dlc. James Bond was just a contender.

      1. Ahem guys i hear the daily bull**** spewing from paul’s mouth. I wanted to play as james bond bro! I would’ve loved to have a free for all with him, cloud, Chun-li and Ryu Hayabusa! I will play capture the flag on the stage Lair! OMG THE 20th COULD NOT COME ANY FASTER YU GAIZ!

        1. As muchas I like james bond, he wouldn’t fit into this game and most likely, if he isn’t dlc, they thought the same thing and scrapped him.The reason I think he woudnt belong is because technically hes not a video game character, hes Daniel Craig as james bond.By that logic wed be able to put wreck it ralph & Alice from the resident evil movies in here and that would take me out of the alternate reality that it ps allstars.It would just seem a big weird to see daneil craig with all these other crazy characters.Just my opinion though.Ryu & or Chung-li being in this game kinda made sense especially due to Seth Killians backround with Capcom so that wouldnt be hard.


  16. So Paul give us a list of things you got right.

    I’ll start:
    Leaking the game (which is explainable because your friend was part of the Title fight testing group as confirmed by Omar.

  17. So Paul still no answer for you confirming the caprture the flag yet it not being in the game. Dodging and avoiding questions? Hmm once a fraud always a fraud.

      1. No you went by the beta leak. Its just way too suspicious. The beta leak happens, you confirm capture the flag and then capture the flag isnt in the game.

        Name one thing you got right after E3. ONE thing.

  18. i got my pre order on with psasbr yesterday and will be picking it up tommorow im super excited to play cole’s alternate skins the kessler and the evil cole’s skin im am seriously in love with this game
    and now i have a game to play with my brothers when they come to visit and i dont have to but a new controller ($50.00) i can just use my vita.
    ignore tootwos and other hating a-holes they dont understand that you simply putting out information not claiming the exclusivity of the info or to be the voice of superbot. your just another cool fan who gives the info he has.

    keep being awsome!

      1. Oh so if the info he gives is wrong that means he isnt lying? I swear Paul all of your fanboys are aged 10 and under and probably still believe in santa claus.

        1. I still believe. Whatchoo saying? Relax, dude. The world’s got a lot more important things to worry about than knocking someone online, repetitively when you don’t know the whole story. Have a good one.

  19. Q21) Will the game have its own story mode or any other fun modes besides Arcade and Versus?
    A21) Yes, absolutely. Though PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale doesn’t have something quite like The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it does have its own fleshed out story that will be enjoyable for most as is. SuperBot isn’t developing an action game or first person shooter, they’re developing a fighting game. That being said, a mode made popular in First Person Shooters will also be a mode in this game.

    LOL check out this gem i found Paul Fail saying. Really Paul, a fleshed out story mode? Two fails in one post Paul, well done.

    1. Q8) Will there by any unlockable characters or is everyone made available from the beginning?
      A8) Yes, a good portion of the roster is unlocked throughout the game. SuperBot has made it fun do do.

      Oh look something else that was WRONG

  20. Q18) How unique will character rivalries be?
    A18) Each character has his or her own rival, but it’s not that simple. Without giving too much away, know that there’s more to it than character A and B only having a feud with each other and there’s nothing ever between anyone else.

    Ahem, need i say it? WRONG

    1. Ahem…need I say…TAKING STUFF OUT OF CONTEXT!! he never said its “A vs B, B vs C, C vs D” you just assumed that! he said its isn’t simply A vs B, B vs A and there is nothing between any other characters…The characters DO know of all other characters…they are aware of each others presence…it is stated in many intro cutscenes and outro cutscenes! so stop fricken going to PGN to put down Paul…if you don’t like him fine! but you don’t have to keep coming here to express it…NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK!

        1. Where did he ever say there would be more than 10? where did he ever even reveal the number of rivalries? you are the most idiotic PGN poster here…Honestly, you create an account just to tell Paul off? seriously dude…get a life! So the game doesn’t live up to your hype? BIG DEAL! it lives up to MANY MANY others hype and more…Don’t take out your disappointment with the game out to Paul, he has done nothing but good…so shut up and just leave!

  21. OK, Sorry Paul but this question is to TooTwos and other haters. What the **** is your problem. The fact you insult others because we are grateful to Paul, Hell are you not the 10 year old who believes in Santa, You know the one you continuously talk about. Seriously dude grow up, Oh and by the way, I am not 10, I am 17 and I have a part time job in a god damn game shop so I hear info like this quite alot. Another thing, If you hate Paul so much and think he is such a troll, Then why the **** would you even come to his site. You are the god damn troll as you are coming to a site which is made by “Someone you hate” and insulting people. GROW THE **** UP.

    1. Good to have you your opinion, bud, and you speak true words. It’s like that with anything, too. If you’re an absolute hater of some musician or singer and when they’re new album comes out, goes to its YouTube page and rants for weeks on end…what are you really achieving? Wouldn’t it be better to just not interact than constantly flame? I personally allow the comments to go up and regardless of what they say, try to reply to as many people as I can, and don’t mind what’s said…but still have to wonder, “what’s the point?”

      Anyways, it’s all good. I hold no hard feelings against anyone. And if they do against me at this point, even after I’ve spoken my peace, then that’s that. But as for you, have a great one, dude!

      1. The point is that you’re not a musician or an artist of some sort. You’ve been selling yourself as a credible source (using words such as “absolutely” “definitely” “I know” etc) and then when the beans are spilled, your reports turned out to be fraudulent minus a few obvious guesses.

        THAT’S the point. The point is so you become an example for any other source trying to report to an entire community to know that he better check his facts before making it public. Because your reputation will be tarnished and the people will turn against you.

        Of course, you don’t need me to tell you this. I’m sure you feel the tides have shifted. People used to defend you on GameFAQs, now everyone basically calls you a troll and laughs at you on there. I’m sure it doesn’t stop at GameFAQs, and I’m sure you’re more aware of just how much you tarnished your credibility than I am.

  22. Glad to stat hearing about who the upcoming DLC will be. I got the game today and I gotta say that I love it. It’s definitely my favorite game of 2012. Haven’t been this entertained by a video game in a while. Thanks for giving us info and hyping up this game for over a year now Paul. It was well worth the wait.

  23. Notice how the people questioning Paul are very mature and open minded whilst the people defending him resort to swearing and writing in capital letters. Just LOL

    1. mature? a quote from the great TooTwos “Ahem guys i hear the daily bull**** spewing from paul’s mouth. I wanted to play as james bond bro! I would’ve loved to have a free for all with him, cloud, Chun-li and Ryu Hayabusa! I will play capture the flag on the stage Lair! OMG THE 20th COULD NOT COME ANY FASTER YU GAIZ!”
      HA i think not.

  24. “Well, yeah, it gets muddy. On one hand, it’s difficult for the game, and ultimately it doesn’t contribute to the title’s success.”–Seth Killian

    “No harm done”–Paul Gale

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