I got my Wii U this morning and have been enjoying it all day long. From Miiverse to New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land to the very cool way you see the Pikmin transferring your files from Wii to Wii U…it’s all very smooth, fun, and impressive.

What else should I comment on? HD Miis look amazing. Before you think it’s a silly thing to highlight, I think you just have to see them move around for yourself on your own 1080p television. They have a great crispness and shine to them. I love it.

The console’s interface is also a blast to navigate around. It’s a fairly simple design, but man is it effective and clean. I really enjoy the ease of social communication, too, via written text messages and drawings.

Adding friends and finding them is easy, accessing the web is fast, and the keyboard (which I’m using now) is tight.

The first mega download, however, sure took a good half hour to complete. The games and applications themselves are pretty quick to load though.

Wii U is fairly quiet, too, and no…sadly it does not light up like its presecessor, but it stikk is an attractive console. Truthfully, I do miss when video game machines looked as such (Nintendo 64 still is my favorite aesthetically), but what Nintendo designed here really can become a part of anyone’s entertainment center.

The Wii U GamePad is brilliant, too, and is to consoles what a touch screen was to cell phones. Ladies and gentleman, this is our first “Smart Console”. And these impressions come before TVii has even arrived. By the way, the farthest I was able to go in my house was 45 feet from the console, with the Wii U GamePad, and have it still function as long as I stopped moving. It’ll go through a couple walls, but most importantly, it goes everywhere I need it to go.

Yes, I feel it. Wii U is going to be a major player in the 8th gen console war. Look for PaulGaleNetwork and add me as a friend if you want. See you all, online!

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