This Halloween was great as usual, because for starters, I carved my 15th video game themed pumpkin (which was of Wii U), and secondly, because of the combo of all of the parties, movies, and cool costumes!

Mario Kart Halloween Group on Paul Gale Network
Mario Kart biker gang! (Large)

This one had to take the cake of coolest group photo. It’s Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Mario, and Bowser! All are on bikes and even have balloons on the back. Well done!

Jack in the Box Bane and Ronald McDonald Joker on Paul Gale Network
Bane and Joker, “Ya want fries with that?” (Large)

I also had to share this one, which was of Jack (from Jack in the Box) dressed up as Bane from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Ronald McDonald (from yeah, you know…Mc Donald’s) portraying The Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight.

Great job once again to the Mario Kart crew and the Batman duo. And thanks to Gene for being quick with the pics!

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