Well it’s Football Saturday once again and this time it’s the UCLA Bruins vs. the Utah Utes. Neither team is ranked in the top 25 going into the game, but UCLA is the favorite today because they were ranked previously and have an overall better record for this particular season than Utah.

Still…it’s anyone’s game!

Update: Ucla finished with 21-14.

Also lined up for today: UFC 153! Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar is gonna be awesome!

UCLA vs. Utah Utes on Paul Gale Network
Football Saturday!

8 thoughts on “Fourth game at the Rose Bowl this season: UCLA Bruins vs. Utah Utes.”
  1. Watching the Fights right now. What do you think about Phil Davis if you watched him? He came from where i live. I met him at a wrestling camp cause my friends brother wrestled with him at Penn St. but es the one who taught me my style of wrestling i like and he inspired me to go on the college wrestling. which My second year of it starts monday.

    1. Phil Davis did an awesome job; very impressive fight. And speaking of impressive…wow at Anderson Silva! Come to think of it, this while night was full ow major win.

      Good luck in school, bud. I wish you well and thanks for sharing your story!

    1. You could tell that it hit him hard though, however you looked at it. Stephan Bonnar is a tough fighter too, and a really cool guy. He was no slouch by any means in this fight and did have a good round. Nothing but respect for The American Psycho. And to Anderson, big props on going up in weight classes for a third time now and being victorious. What a way to further cement his status.

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