1987 was a great year on Paul Gale Network
1987…that was 25 years ago!

I was born in 1983, but 1987 was a pretty significant year for me:

– Clear destiny to being a gamer for life, confirmed.
– Create a martial arts career, fundamentals met.
– Clear passion for art, blossoming.
– Determined to entertain, lol.
– Identifying with professional wrestling, check.
– Obvious interest in exercise, realized.
– Swimming unassisted, achieved.
– Wheels times four, no more.

This question of “What’d you do in 1987?” is intended for all readers of Paul Gale Network, but as of late, since the most vocal crowd has been the fans behind PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I’d specifically like to hear your replies. Thank you.

113 thoughts on “Paul Gale Network asks readers, including PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fans: “What’d you do in 1987?””
  1. Hey Paul,

    This post surely is some sort of subtle hint towards PSASBR. Could the 8 points you mentioned mean there’s 8 more characters left to be revealed for a total of 28 characters?

    Could it? Hmm? Please tell me I’ve hit the nail on the head 😉

    1. I’ve seen this question of yours posted here and in the forums (saying you asked and are waiting a response), so the answer I’m giving is to you and whomever you share it with: possibly but not necessarily…yeah, sorry for that response!

    1. *its a clue its a clue* think about it 87 final fantasy came out why would he wear that 80’s jacket 4 no reason, plus he was only 4 years odl at the time

    2. Think about it its a CLUE!!, he was only 4 in 87 why would he post something about 1987 for no reason unless a playstation allstars reference,
      *Cloud Strife confirmed sweeeeettttt!!!!!!!
      please be at TGS this week

  2. Well, if this is indeed a hint for All Stars, I would go with one of these considering their franchises are having their 25th anniversarys.

    Metal Gear Solid – Big Boss/Snake
    Final Fantasy – Cloud/Squall/Lightning
    Mega Man – Megaman
    Street Fighter – Ryu/Ken
    Castlevania – Castlevania Rep

    I personally would like the top two better than anything.

  3. People were probably playing final fantasy metal gear castlevania And street fighter ;). But I wasn’t born yet. I think this just further confirms cloud or lightning. Honestly though I don’t want either

  4. I was 1 year old back then. lol. i have memories playing that stupidly difficult turtles game.. whenever that was!

    imo this is a hint towards metal gear, you have 1987 (when metal gear came out), the beard, and the pointing finger like big boss..
    could this hint be big boss? or an mgs stage? 😀

  5. aw man i wasnt born yet :/, but i do have a jacket like that at my closet though. It was my dads haha. Nice beard though!!! im thinking of growing mine out sometime this year. Yeah though Final Fantasy is sounding very good to me right now. A question off topic though. When did Squareenix as a company form?, and when i mean that i mean back when they were squaresoft and made the first final fantasy.

  6. I got it paul, its 8 charecters left, besides the 8 points you sayed, ” wheels times 4, no more ” think about it u get two wheels on a bike multiply or times that as u say by 4 it equals = 8 then u sayed no more. 8 charecters left

    1. Hey it’s me, GoopKing. I’m guessing that the beard, the pose, and the fact that Metal Gear came out in 1987 is hinting towards Big Boss. It might also hint towards a FF rep, due to it also being released in 1987.

  7. hey paul your first point is kind of interesting it said something about Clear destiny to being a gamer for life, confirmed well it mean a character that yet to confirmed has a destiny well correct me if i’m wrong but sora from kingdom hearts was born on destiny island and his whole story is a destiny to open the door to light just saying

  8. Ugh oh, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear in 87!

    He looks like someone from Metal Gear and look at the walls, they’re pink!

    Lightning and Big Boss confirmed!

    Sorry no Cloud or Snake. 🙁

  9. Sadly I wasn’t born then. I didn’t even exist! Though I was born in 1991, same year as Final Fantasy IV, one of my favourite RPGs! I get to age with a great RPG 😀

    Good times when gameplay was simple and effective right?

      1. Hey Paul, thought I should warn you. Currently the Battle Royale community as a majority is blaming Superbot and in some cases you and/or Seth Killian for there not being any character reveals at the Toro event. This is from forums GameFAQs, Official PSABR Community and the livestream chat after the Toro event.

        Just thought I’d give you a heads up in case immature fans decide to send you hate mail. They tend to forget that Gaming Companies lose sales if they lie about stuff like more character reveals. Personally I’d be happy if the roster finished at 20. Let’s face it, Sir Daniel as the final character? Good choice!

        Keep up the blog!

        1. Thanks for comment and continued support. The thing about fans being upset with SuperBot/Seth Killian…they really don’t need to be, because in time, all will be revealed (just a bit of patience is required). And about me, I don’t make any of the rules for the company, because I’m not a part of the development team. I’m glad that you’re happy with what you’ve seen so far though!

          1. Exactly, I’m a indie developer so I know full well that things never go to plan. You just do your best and things will turn out fine. Not to mention we’ll find out in the end. It’s now less than 2 months to go!

            Besides, Eurogamer is around the corner and Battle Royale is confirmed to be there. So perhaps they’re delaying to reveal there? Or maybe they’ll reveal characters tomorrow? After all, PAX and Gamestop they just uploaded the videos instead of something extra special.

            I’m currently playing the Beta and as a whole am enjoying every bit of it.

            I’m just sorry that there are people who just want to blame people like you who have no control on the companies. Yeh I was upset there was no reveals today. But then I just got on with my life. Heck, I may do some game development outside in the sun today!

              1. Thanks Paul, in fact, 2 months back I fell behind on releasing a demo by a week due to circumstances.

                Will admit, if Spyro got in I’d be jumping on the bed, but I can enjoy the game with Jak, Sir Dan and PaRappa. In fact, I never even played MediEvil until this year due to Battle Royale. Same goes for Sly, Sackboy, Nathan and Cole. PaRappa

                Speaking of PaRappa

                You gotta believe!

  10. I went with MEGA MAN, mind you I was born in 1990, but this was the game I enjoyed most, actually I didn’t even know about any of the other games mentioned during this time frame, not until much later.

    Besides, MEGA MAN would be a great addition to the roster, it’s not like Capcom has acknowledged him as of late, certainly not counting his involvement in Street Fighter X Tekken, that one SUCKED!!

    I’m talking about his more well-known appearance, as the Blue Bomber.

  11. – “Clear destiny to being a gamer for life, confirmed.” – going with gosoxtim, Kingdom hearts rep?
    – “Create a martial arts career, fundamentals met.” Fighting game rep, Ryu or scorpion?
    – “Clear passion for art, blossoming.” clear passion for art? clear = Ghost, Art = photography, Ghost Photography = Fatal Frame rep
    – “Determined to entertain, lol.” – Rock Band Rep
    – “Identifying with professional wrestling, check.” Wrestling rep..? Please no.. maybe a stage..
    – “Obvious interest in exercise, realized.” – Madden Rep? like a stage? or maybe Exercise as in exorcism.. as in ghosts or demons.. demon souls rep? The darkness rep?
    – “Swimming unassisted, achieved.” – Spyro (He couldn’t swim in his first game but could eventually in his sequels)
    – “Wheels times four, no more.” (Mr.Grimm, Drove a motorcycle unlike everyone else who had four wheels)

    The picture points to a MGS rep, More likely big boss from the year and facial hair.
    And maybe lightning for the wall color and the year

    Just some random thoughts, Anyway i wasn’t around in 87′ however if i was id probably just be kickin’ it classic until 2012 rolled around.

  12. Whoa mind blown, it’s totally a GTA rep.. Leather jacket (GTA 3) Pink room (GTA vice city), and everything you listed can compare to GTA games. beginning games there was no swimming later games there were, You work out or “Exercise”, You Tag walls and customize cars as in art. “Entertain, lol” Rockstar lol. You learn martial arts, and wrestling moves if I’m not mistaken in San Andreas. “Wheels times four, no more” going from just cars to motorcycles and bikes. And vice city being the earliest game in the series, took place in 1986 roughly 1987. So watcha think?

  13. Since TGS’s reveal was a total letdown so far for all us PSASBR fans, could you at least give some sort of info on the final roster count (excluding DLC) to put us back on the hype train maybe? 😉

    I know you last said 22+ but maybe you can say a bit more on the final roster count as most forums are totally on the negative side ATM.

  14. Well we still have the rest of the day to see if anything gets revealed at TGS. Who knows. If nothing gets announced then I guess we just wait until the game comes out. Its not like surprises AREN’T awesome

  15. Mr. Gale, I’d like to apologize for audacity and, let’s face it, straight up idiocy of the PSASBR fanbase that’ll most likely be falling on the blog this week.

    I’ll admit, I’m disappointed, but the way people on GameFAQs are taking so damn personally that there weren’t character reveals, completely ignoring that they DID reveal 3 new stages, is just plain sickening.

    The problem is that alot of these people think it’s all or nothing with you. They don’t realize that, in the end, you don’t work for SuperBot, you don’t know their reveal schedule and assumed they’d show something as we all did. It’s just disgusting how fast people turn on people.

    Unlike most of them, I refuse to believe this’ the final roster, but I’m starting to think we won’t see the whole thing before release.

    …Or maybe SuperBot didn’t feel like explaining and discussing full character reveals in Japanese lol.

    1. It’s like this. Say way back in October when I first revealed the game and mentioned Nathan Drake, that several months later, he was never shown, didn’t pop up at E3, before TGS, or even in the final game. I’m sure that people would look past all of what I was correct on, just because Nathan was no longer on board. Perhaps SuperBot took him out for some reason. Maybe they’d put him on as DLC instead. He could even be no longer a part of the playable roster at all and instead just be a background/cameo character. All of which, unless my source provided me new info with, would leave me in some people’s eyes, looking like I made his inclusion up in the first place. I guarantee you that the only reason why I put up certain hints, were because I was told of X amount of characters remaining and that they would be decipherable to those clever enough to figure them out. At this point, SuperBot not showing anyone at TGS really has nothing to do with me.

      It’s amazing in a way, because I’ve been around a while, as both a fan and where I am now, and haven’t seen this much interaction between a site operator and readers, before. Yet here I’m doing what I can, and knowing that it’ll never be enough to please everyone, still press on, regardless of the haters, because I know that there are some that like the way I handle stuff. Just funny though, seeing that some people are SO fast to judge and dismiss the very second something you say is less than what they wanted to hear. Wow. No biggie though. And I do appreciate your sincerity, so thank you.

  16. !!!! Good Hints! 😀

    I was 1 year old but I do remember flashes of me playing Mario Bros on the NES.

    Wish i knew what happened to my console after that!

    Anyway Paul, the bear looks good on you 😉 makes you look bad-ass like Snake of Big Boss ;)….

    Btw, apart from FF, MGS, SF and CV..wasnt Megaman released on that year too?

    oh! and one thing, the other day when checking the PSABR web page (http://www.playstationallstars.com/), I noticed something weird while refreshing the characters section!!! I noticed 10 empty slots!!! 5 before Kratos and 5 after Sir Daniel :o!! (wish I could upload a pic!)

    So, could the final roster be of 30 characters? 😉

  17. I’m definitely not a fraud; I simply am just not in charge of all that goes down at SuperBot (or any of it, really). All I can report on is what my source tells me. If things change unbeknownst to that individual, then where do you think that leaves me? Also in the dark. It’s all good though. Time will reveal all.

    1. Who called you a fraud Paul!?? O.O

      Well, even if TGS didnt go as fans of PSABR planned, Im sure you had anything to do with that!.. in fact, you are the only one who are giving fans hopes, because I must say, some where really dissapointed these days.

      Keep up the great work! Im sure you too are dying to to tell us all of what you know!

      1. People can say what they want…it’s always going to happen. Even if I gave out free Dodge Chargers and Lamborghinis along with all characters planned for the game, there’d still be some that’d complain about the color of the cars being red and yellow (respectively) and the fact that somehow I was responsible for **** not being in the game. There’s no pleasing everyone, so I’m just happy to help promote the game how I can and get a certain audience excited. Good enough for me. 🙂

  18. On GameFAQs there’s a new post entitled “Paul Gale confirms 25 characters. =)” here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/668999-playstation-all-stars-battle-royale/64132941, where you have supposedly replied to someone with “You have cracked the 22+ code to an extent. :)”

    So it’s true or not that we’re getting 25 characters in total because I always thought that the final roster is going to be an even number? Maybe the final boss will be playable somehow making it 24 + 1 characters in total…?

  19. How you can help promote the game is by unveiling the other characters you know to be in it. …just saying!

    Keep us apprised of any response they send as to why TGS was so shallow!

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