Over on Stacy Carter’s twitter (former WWE Diva, Kat, and ex-wife of Jerry’s), she mentioned that Jerry just had a stint and a balloon put in.

E for All 2007: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Paul Gale, and Jim Ross

Fortunately, there was no open heart surgery, as the more invasive these things get, the riskier they are to perform. I’ve been a huge WWE (and WWF) fan for over two decades and have been a fan of Jerry’s the whole while I’ve been watching him on TV. He’s such a fun, outgoing person, and when I got to meet him in person and talk (along with Jim Ross) at E for All 2007, I was really happy to see that he was the real deal.

How he appeared for years on Raw and Smackdown! was the real Jerry. I pray that he gets better. Last week we lost Michael Clarke Duncan from essentially a heart attack and we don’t need another terrific person to leave us. Please recuperate as soon as possible, Jerry. Thank you for being great all these years and here’s to many more.

3 thoughts on “WWE’s Jerry “The King” Lawler just had surgery, following his heart attack last night on RAW.”
  1. Jerry the King is awesome. I really hope to see him when I go to Night Of Champions and hope hes doing better. Michael Cole looked pretty upset and I don’t blame him.

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