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Three weeks prior to E3 I received some good new information on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and most of it did not appear at the show. Instead, what we saw was the already revealed by Paul Gale Network, Nathan Drake and of course, Big Daddy from BioShock. PGN was happy to see gamers surprised over Big Daddy at the Sony press conference, but expect an upcoming character reveal in the near future.

SuperBot Entertainment’s Omar Kendall has contacted me two days ago and hopefully I’ll have an update for you before too long, as to when you’ll be getting your next fix of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Stay tuned!

118 thoughts on “More PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale news and character reveals are on their way.”
  1. OK, thank you Paul for the info, I look forward to the new =)

    So I hope this does not bother you if we continue our suggestion on this topic ^ ^

    * I saw the different outfits of the characters (those “fat princess” and “sweet tooth”) and I thought of something:

    for the old characters of Sony, I think it would be interesting to offer players of different selected following suit in the selection of characters.

    For example, imagining Crash Bandicoot is available in the selection of characters, to suit all players, it would be interesting to offer:

    -An old version of crash:

    – And a newer version:

    – Same for jak & daxter:

  2. I’m guessing the next reveals are…

    Cole(Infamous) – His voice actor was leaked so he might be revealed soon.

    Sackboy/Jak/Ratchet – These character have stages already so they could be revealed soon. I don’t think these characters will get revealed at the same time but I could be wrong. Jak would be most likely out of the 3 because he was said to be in the game.

    Snake??? – his voice actor was been leaked so like Cole he could be revealed soon. Although I doubt they would reveal 2 3rd Party characters in a row but anything can happen right?

    Will there be any new stages shown? Not that I dislike the ones that they have right now but I kinda wana see something new.

      1. Jak is all over the internet Paul! Just confirm him already! The PS fans are leaking massive info! The gaming media is now investigating! Just confirm him before somebody else leaks more stuff!

  3. Also, the game needs an epic theme music and legendary …
    It must remain in the memories of the players.

    The story mode needs time roughly 25 hours.
    About, I hope and it is really necessary for games that you make an adventure mode (story mode).
    A mode where it will move through different levels, these levels will be available selectable beings in a world map.

    It takes long-levels must be used (Like in the story mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

    It is essential theme music for each character (inspired music of their own games).
    “sony music entertainment” make incredible music, and with the help of other game producers, I’m sure they will make every good work.

    It would take trophies or objects to collect.
    It would also offer the possibility to record video in the fighting, for later review.
    A mode for taking pictures.
    A way to view EVERY 3D characters from all angles.

    Well, this is easier said than done but I encourage SuperBot of all my heart ^_^

  4. I share a topic I found interesting (

    We’ve been making tons of threads about characters we want to see and stage ideas. What are your top 3 things you want in the game that other folk are forgetting?

    1. Phenomenal Music – it’s obvious we’ll have some pretty crazy mashup music, but I want a memorable intro song and amazing character select music.

    2. A Library of Awesomeness – Would love to see bios, track listing, CG videos, all housed in a “memory card” It would be cool to see any other Playstation stuff that may not be included in the game, but is memorable nonetheless (i.e. some Final Fantasy tracks would be a plus or a rundown of Playstation accessories, including the multitap!).


    When I think of music for this game literally all I can think about is Crash Bandicoots theme song.

    I want music from all games like you said, but these are mine.

    -Online that is flawless with 4 players and possibly a few spectators too? The spectators can cycle in after matches and players become spectators and can comment and cheer during matches. I want it to feel like a lobby room where you can talk to eachother between matches and stuff. I hated in Brawl where to talk we would change our names to stuff like “LOL” -_-

    – Special events ?

    – Secret characters to unlock.

  5. YAY! Well we already know off

    From you..
    1. Nathan Drake
    2. Fat Princess
    3. Jak and Dexter
    4. Colonel Radec
    5. Kratos
    6. Sly Cooper
    7. Parappa the rapper
    8. Sweet Tooth

    From SuperBot
    1. Big Daddy

    From Eric Laden’s tweet (does Cole’s voice from inFAMOUS 2).
    1. Cole
    2. *Nathan Drake*
    3. Snake

    Anyone else? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Paul, how are you allowed to write this on the internet without Omar going amok on you? doesn’t this ruin the whole idea of hyping the game up? This comment is in no way mean’t as a negative attitude againts what you are doing, Im just as excited for the next character as any other All Stars fan, btw roster size? ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I would normally write more, in a timely fashion as my source has been providing me with updates, however…Omar, Ivan, and the gang at E3 had a really positive, upbeat talk with me over the course of two meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, so we agreed to work together. I’ve always believed in being respectful of everyone. Honoring ties between sources, developers/publishers, and fans. Someone won’t always be happy in having allegiances to all 3 sides, but I do my best.

      Some readers online moan and groan, will call you a liar, say you suck, call your sources invalid, etc. but it’s really easy to do that when you’re sitting behind a computer. I have “real” interactions with many people in a few different industries because 1) I’ve been at this for quite a while and 2) I live in Southern California…a place overflowing with talent from different walks of life.

      How I meet these people, how I build these relationships out of sources is unique. Anyways, I know I answered a little bit more than what was asked, but of any response that I’ve given so far in this Article…this one right here is probably the most important one I could give. It’s also the one that should probably be read by the millions online that have seen Paul Gale Network attached to a story in some capacity. Why?

      Because some people just don’t get it and can’t accept the fact that what I do and the way I do it is for a reason, plain and simple. I’m here to bring fun and entertainment, not any harm. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for asking me your question. It brought out a good amount of what’s been on my mind.

      1. Wow, thats awesome to hear. I found your blog on the all stars forum and i must say, i’ve never seen a blogger answer this many questions. Can’t wait for your next article. Keep up the good work. Now i’ve been looking through most of you answers. But you have never answered this. So im gonna ask, do you know if there will be different costumes for each character, (not just colors ) in all stars?

        1. Well thank you very much and bringing the industry closer to gamers is what I’ve always tried to do, because when I was on the other side of the fence, I was always very appreciative of a little insight here and there. That’s why I take some time and try answer as many questions as possible. As for actual, different costumes for characters. I’ll tell you this, it’s sure a good idea.

  7. Hey paul,
    Its just a suggestion but I think Superbot should make a Resistance and killzone stage. The background could be Vizari’s palace. and for the action is that its a war between The chimera( Resistance) and the Helgast(killzone).

  8. I think this game would be perfect for a TINY TANK COMEBACK! It would really set it aside from SSBB because now you have a nonhuman/human-like person in the game. It would give the game more pizzazz. Can you put in a word for me?

  9. Looking forward to the new update. Though if I had a guess as to who they would announce next, I’d say Jak and Daxter. But only because they already have a stage plus someone leaked they would be in it. I wonder who that was? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I look forward to the new information Paul. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hey paul! glad 2 know ur still in tact with superbot for the game. If u dont mind I have a few character suggestions: Jak (from jak II he looks so much cooler) with dark jak and light jak supers, emmett graves from starhawk, and ratchet. Also could you see if they plan on adding alternate costumes for characters like for example mathan drakes uncharted 3 outfit, small things like these are one of the many things that please fans the most!

  11. Thanks for the update, Paul!I look forward to hearing more about the games story, characters, stages, and items.

    I’m a little worried though that they wont compete with Brawls roster size.

      1. Being that the whole roster will be less than Brawl’s, I hope that the roster size won’t be less than SSB Melee’s as well… Brawl had 36 while Melee had 25.

        Please tell us that PSASBR’s roster size won’t be less than Melee’s (at least in between Melee’s and Brawl’s – that would be awesome! :D)

        Cheers XD

        1. I only know of a dozen-ish at the moment and can say that what’s planned is around 20 still. Not even does SuperBot know exactly the final roster count, however. I expect it’ll satisfy most people. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I expect the roster to be 20 characters. I hope there are more, but if they’re 20 I’m fine with that. Then if they want to expand it there’s DLC… Another thing, the Brawl roster has mostly 30 characters but some of them are carbon copies of the other character… In PSASBR each character seems to be very different from the others…

  12. thanks for everything paul! your updates calm down a bit the obsession I have for this game !!
    are we going to know something before july ??(hint,reveal)
    also im a big team ico fan and im worried about not seeing a rep of them somehow in this game, there was already leaked a photo of yorda in the studio so can I know if theres something about team ico already in the game??

    1. I can’t comment on Ico’s presence in the game or lack thereof at this time, but anything you’ve seen on my site, from leaked pictures to text I’ve written is a serious possibility. And you’re welcome.

      1. thanks for answering Paul, I know that every word you say its a serious possibilty also I noticed that in one of your old articles you posted that in the november 20 you gave us a small hint of a female character but i cant find an article of that day ?
        Also i want to know if you already saw some gameplay of Jak and if he is going to represent somehow in his moveset dark and light jak forms and if daxter is part of his moveset,
        big daddy was a really surprising character for everyone because he is not well known as part of the ps family are we going to see other surprise reveals that no one expected in an overall wishlist like him?? or the roster is more near as the one everyone expects ??

        1. Some are more expected than others, but there are still surprises left. Thanks to a recent agreement, I can’t talk much about Jak and Daxter’s presence in the game, but they’re just fine in motion.

  13. Hello, Regarding roster size. You said that your feeling the roster size will be smaller than brawls. I bealieve Brawl had around 35 characters. Im hoping that they will include alot more in dlc instead of making a sequel. The possibilities of DLC is really endless. Like with Cloud I see them making him DLC to get more money hell I think his DLC will outsale the game lol. But I hope we surpass the Brawl roster with the final roster number including the DLC.

  14. Hey Paul! Thanks so much for this stuff. Its really great. I have a quick question, do you know how big the roster is? Is it AT LEAST 20? If you can answer i totally get it. Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome and all I’ll say is that from the very beginning, I said that it’d be around 20. I will update you right now and confirm that I do not know the final roster count, but it’s shaping up nicely from the dozen-ish that I do know of.

  15. So Paul, I have 2 questions for you there has been bothering me
    1. will they make a trailer each time they unveal a new set of characters? (E3 trailer)
    2. one of the things I always remember is the themes of the super smash games, they are always so memorable do you think/know if All Stars theme is just as good?

    1. 1) There’ll be new trailers for upcoming character reveals, yes.
      2) The Super Smash Bros. series was truly unique and memorable, in part because of Nintendo’s long, very rich history. The PlayStation universe might not be as old or go as deep, but it still has its moments of being memorable. I think that at the end of the day, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will still be a fun game that fans of those franchises will enjoy.

  16. Hi Paul,
    I wanted to ask, we’ll learn something about the story, and gameplay of Jak & Daxter in addition to the new character?

    I also wanted to inform SuperBot about the list of characters,
    As SuperBot, surely, I’ve
    -Sites of Fanart

    And many people think on average, a list of 32 characters is widely feasible.

    It is true that Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters had a lot of the same series.
    5 characters of zelda games
    4 characters of Pokemon games
    4 characters of Mario games

    Have come too quickly to 35 characters.
    Sony has a lot of characters that are epic, and makes nostalgic players.

    1 Characters from EVERY franchise is sufficient, or two maximum.
    It would be interesting to introduce evil playable characters.

    As the villain of Ratchet & Clank (Dr. Nefarious)
    Or the villain of Crash Bandicoot (Dr. Neo Cortex)
    Or the very famous Sephiroth ^_^
    But it will add these characters to the list of 32

    Can you tell to SuperBot, Please ? ^_^

    I know this is easier said than done, but SuperBot
    have much talent, it shows, with the trailer from E3.

    Thank you Paul, you’re great to listen to us in all cases =P

      1. Hey Paul, could you be a little more specific about the date of the next reveal? You said it’s gonna happen during summer, but could you at least say if it’s on June, on an event, etc?
        Please, the lack of information is killing us (me and the guys from the boards) hahaha
        Thanks, and I’ll understand if there’s nothing you can say.

        1. It kills me that it’s killing you, because I could pull the trigger and say, hey, here’s who’s next! (But I will respect Omar and the majority of the team’s wishes for now). Within the next 56 days. How’s that sound?

          1. 56 days?!? Hope that’s a red herring just to pull us our leg, Paul :S

            I was thinking more like 2 weeks time the most for the next reveal due to EVO coming up on July 6th and Omar himself said it’s a possibility SuperBot might show up at EVO.

  17. This game is the best, I can’t wait to see what characters will be revealed. Could you please answer just some of these questions

    1. will the hooded figure from journey be one of the characters

    2. will cole, and snake be added into the game (they said they were working on it on the voice of coles twitter account)

    3. will kevin butler be in the game, apparently he’s making an apperence. Will he be a playable character or cameo, if he’s playable, what would be his moves, throw a cup that says Long Live Play.

    4. Please that there are going to be coold area’s and at least a story reveal soon, i really want to know what this story is all about and why the God of War is fighting the fatest princess in the world.

  18. Hey Paul
    I was just wondering since you know superbot if you could pass on my idea of adding Chuck Greene just for them to think about. Supers could be: Level 1: Chuck Summons Slappy to use his flamethrowers. Level 2: Chuck gets on a Slicecycle and starts riding it into fellow opponents. Level 3: Chuck pulls out a paddlesaw and starts moving around with it to kill anyone who he gets near enough to. Moves could be Punching & Kicking with special moves being Spiked Bat, Freedom Bear, Blambow and Blitzkrieg. Please pass this on to Superbot if you can Paul as I think this would make awesome DLC.

    1. What SuperBot and its affiliates may see elsewhere is unknown entirely. However, anything shared on PGN will guaranteed be seen by them. I’d advise people in those forums to post their thoughts here, because my source, Sony, and SuperBot Entertainment do receive updates from me, from you, periodically.

  19. Hey paul i have an idea about a character and i was wondering about Pacman being in the game, just think of his normal 3d self with arms and legs.His 3rd final smash move is when he eats a big dot and He turns giant into a big pacman ball of his retro self, but in 3d while the other opponents turn into blue ghost and trying to escape from him until pacman turns back to his normal 3d self! Also, when you’re going to release more info, i keep looking for more and more info each and everyday. Hour by hour, my school starts in August 20th.I hope its going to be more release soon.

    1. I personally provide SuperBot Entertainment, Sony, and my personal source with information given to PGN from you fans via the “Share your thoughts with SuperBot and Sony article” on my site. That’s the only way I can guarantee that what you write will be seen.

  20. I wanted you asked Paul, can you do an update of the subject:

    “PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Title Fight) update: Paul Gale Network Brings your voices to SuperBot Entertainment and Sony!”

    People are not aware of the existence of this issue may have missed …
    Can you do an update to bring it to the home of PGN?

    1. Ah, you’re killing me. You’ll learn all you need to in time. Just be happy that the game is coming out and that you knew about it 6 months ahead of schedule. I had to keep quiet on it for over a year!

  21. Don’t get me wrong I love the game and i love knowing about it six months before hand. Thanks for all the info, youv’e really helped ease my anticipation of this game. Man I’m so excited about this game. Does this new announcment atleast tell us about the story?

      1. Can you give us an estimation on when this news will be revealed. I at least need to know what day I should be getting Excited For. And also, is Kevin Butler appearing in the Game?

      2. ERG! now im absolutely dying to know who this character is, are you able to reveal yet when we can expect the announcement? is it gonna be before EVO 2012?

  22. hi Paul, new questions ๐Ÿ˜€ do you a favourite un-announced character that you think will mind-blow a lot of people? (like Big Daddy did for a lot of people?
    Also have you seen any of the upcoming trailers? If yes, will they use other soundtracks than “Justice” by Genesis? Or is that silently becomming all stars theme… ;D

    1. I have a character that I’m really excited to play as for my own personal reasons, namely, the fact that I’m a big fan of this individual. And I haven’t seen any new trailers, but know of whom they will belong to.

  23. Hi Paul,

    I hope you’re doing fine.

    I was rewatching GT.TV’s feature on PSASBR here: and I spotted a (female?) character in the background during the interview.

    Screenshot here:

    I’m not going to ask you who this character may be (I wish if you could though ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) due to Omar’s requests, but I’d like to ask you this:

    Could you tell us if this character will be as one of the playable characters in the roster, or will it be a non-playable character in one of the stages?


    1. I’ll say this…there are characters over the last 9 or so months since I first revealed the game that are in it, that you haven’t officially been told that they’re in, but have “seen” in one way, shape, or form. Take that however you want. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Well Toro was one of them, someone in a shot of SuperBot HQ had a plushie of him on their desk. Also someone in some kind of purple corset was seen on a programmers computer in GameTrailers’ initial reveal and on another screen in a crowd shot of programmers.

  24. Hey Paul, is there a “dash” or “running” system? I mean, if the characters can move in different speeds, ’cause I saw some guys that said the movement felt a little sluggish.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. You can run and certain characters do have a dash attack, but if you submit your idea in the submit ideas article about wanting a designated run/dash button/system, it has a better chance at being seen.

  25. If the game is all heroes vs heroes thats not going to any fun. I am hoping that the next reveal will include a villian. It will definatly draw more people in.
    Dr. Nefarious
    Barron Praxis, Gol, Maia
    Kessler, Alden Tate, Sasha
    King Bohan
    War, Death

  26. This story… I gotta ask. At first I was lead to believe it was a separate Adventure mode but it’s beginning to sound like just separate stories for the various characters in arcade mode. I’m really hoping we get something more adventurous than just a story-driven arcade mode for each character.

    I know you can’t tell us anything specific, but could you tell us if it’s separate from the Arcade Mode?

  27. Hey paul!
    I heard John King is remixing the music in this game. I gotta say he did a awesome job! Has he made the official theme music? I could give this ps one demo music that could bring a whole lot of nostalgia!

  28. Great, Iยดm really looking forward to anything new! ๐Ÿ˜€ But I still have worries about the soundtrack. A soundtrack without the best from all the franchises would be disappointing, also this kind of games are perfect for the Custom-Music-feature of the PS3. ๐Ÿ˜‰ How much do they care about the music in the game, Paul? ๐Ÿ™

  29. First of all, I wanna thank you for sharing all this good stuff with us. ๐Ÿ˜€

    But it drives me crazy of waiting so long for just some new information about the game.
    At least a small hint would feed me for some days. haha

    Anyway, looking forward for new stuff.
    By now, i am sure it will suprise me

    Keep it up ;P

  30. I went and pre-ordered the game from gamestop and I asked when they thought the game would come out and they said early 2013. So how are we looking on the October 23 realease date? You probably can’t give me an exact answer but is there still a good chance it will come out on that day? DR. NEFARIOUS ALL THE WAY!!!!!

    1. you see Stef, I never listen all that bull crap, people are spreading lies and want to play the game now, and since it a clone , they want this game to be rushed and done by that time. That date is an insult to suberbot saying to rush the game. They say late “Holiday” people, not fall , holiday. I went on Amazon and this game comes out like December 29. Thats what i think its the real date

  31. hey paul, since superbot confirmed that they are going to show 2 new characters at comic con, can we get the reveal early? or a hint? Im running out of patience here!

  32. Hey Paul, I was surfing the web today and I found a youtube video that was very interesting. It showed Tekken character Heihachi and PS3 mascot Toro fighting in Playstation all stars battle royale in the “Parapa the Rapper” Dojo stage complete with master onion. are these the characters you’ve been hiding from us ๐Ÿ™‚

    Heres the link if your interested:

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