If yesterday’s photo shoot represented the “Ken” in me (and that’s Street Fighter’s Ken…not Barbie’s), then today’s is definitely more Ryu. These were also taken the other day at Stoney Point Park, CA and as with past outdoor martial arts training events…there’s just nothing quite like it.

Paul Gale Network white gi back stance with knife hand block
Classic Shotokan Karate back stance with knife hand block. (Large)

Paul Gale Network white gi high front snap kick
Demonstrating a front snap kick to an opponent taller than yourself.

With 2012 being important for making it my 25th year as a martial artist, it also represents Capcom’s Street Fighter series turning 25. It’s really a parallel story for the franchise and me. From the early days of getting off Tae Kwon Do practice in ’91 and going next door to play Street Fighter II at 7-11 to 2010’s world martial arts tournament in Las Vegas, watching Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie the night before and prepping myself with SF music…yes, the series is definitely a big motivator for me.

Here’s to celebrating more of Capcom’s finest franchise and more martial arts training from me to come!

11 thoughts on “Two more pictures from yesterday’s martial arts photo shoot.”
  1. So what martial arts are you into? I used to teach Tae Kwon Do and Tai Kickboxing. Also some Fencing. Not sure if your familier with G Gundam but Domon Kasshu is one of my all time favorite martial artists

    1. I began wrestling when I was 4, but officially started my first “martial art” when I was 7, and that was Tae Kwon Do. Over the years, I’ve followed up with some Mool Sool Do and Kung Fu Self Defense, then into Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing, which brought me to personal defense and what I’m currently involved in most, Shotokan Karate. I still do keep up with techniques from these various styles from my past, but as for what my regular, consistent regimen entails, it’s Shotokan. There are other martial arts that I’ve dabbled in as well, including Krav Maga and Tai Chi, but they’re not as familiar to me as the other mentioned. Definitely very cool that you’re fluent in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing and an added plus to fencing. And I know of the anime. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Tae Kwon Do is an awesome part of my life and from time to time I train on my own. I stopped going to classes once I hit my 3rd degree, and just practice on my own time what ive learned. That is QUITE a bit of variation of styles that you’ve learned. Thats something I would have loved to have done, and I will definitely try to broaden my horizon when it comes to different martial arts. One thing I would definitely enjoy to learn is Jeet Kune Do, as Bruce Lee is the man. But, again, its very impressive the amount you have learned and you can know in the back of your mind no matter where you go that you will be able to take on anything or defend against anything. Its an awesome feeling, congrats to you on your achievements!

  3. By the way, I dunno if you recieved my tweet or not, but I posted that picture on your twitter. Here it is again. I made you doing a hadouken(guessing that Ryu is your favorite character), and I only put in “some” of the all stars because I didn’t want the page to be too cluttered. Of course there is room to add more.

  4. Anytime! Glad you like it! If you need anything else, i’d be happy to do it. Just let me know. and besides on here or a forum, you can email me at joedanos24@gmail.com Keep in touch, and i’ll be around anyway! lol Thanks for the opportunity to draw for you!

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