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Tomorrow will be 11 days since my last update on Title Fight, but I’m happy to say that it’ll be a somewhat substantial one. One of the things I’ll be sharing is a new character other than the 7 already confirmed (that is now playable). Another thing that should excite is the reveal of another stage. I’ll also try and address some of your questions. The best I can do to not overhype this is, “don’t expect a megaton on Tuesday…but rather a decent bite”.

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13 thoughts on “New PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Title Fight) info coming December 6th, including a new character and stage.”
  1. Can we expect some more obscure playable characters? Maybe some that haven’t been seen since the PS1 days? Vahn from Legend of Legaia, Dart from Legend of Dragoon, or Spike from Ape Escape maybe? I love the Drake’s, Kratos’ and Ratchet’s as much as anyone else, but I would be elated to see the game feature some names not well-known, sort of how Brawl featured the likes of Pit, Ice Climbers and Metaknight.

    1. I dunno hey. I like the idea of Spike (alongside Sly, Jax and Ratcher for true platforming king goodness!)

      But I think Sony should concentrate more on well known characters before moving into the more obscure. I mean, this can become an ever lasting IP: better to get the masses in sooner I reckon.

      That said, I think if they want more female characters then move into the more obscure titles, like Jen from Primal (could change into her demon forms during combat), or Ellen from Folkslore (visually nice possibility as creatures replace animation special effects for her) and maybe even Jeanne from Jeanne D-arc.

  2. I like characters as much as the next guy. In fact I think characters make game but let’s not have characters just for the sake of having characters. I want good known characters n Kevin butler

  3. Good Job Paul!
    can you tell us when sony might announce this game
    Ps: is there any chance that we could get old ps characters like alundra or arc the lad
    greetings from germany

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