Crysis 2 on Paul Gale Network

If you’re a PC gamer and are worried about some of the problems you’ve heard about in Crysis 2, then know now that Crytek has put in some very important updates…arguable the best being the removal of auto aiming.

In addition, the server browser now shows correct pings, matches are happening as they should, text chatting has no delay, we have cheat detection (yes!), a re-enabled console, fixed USB headset function, and finally…the issue of the little hologram icon staying on the screen after being used has been resolved.

Good going Crytek. I’m one of the many gamers out there that wished for auto aiming to be taken out of the PC version of the game, so I appreciate that the company listened. Then again, I’m sure that some people were on the other side of the fence. You can’t please everyone…

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