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Capcom has been getting a good amount of attention in the gaming world lately, including the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition which is already getting positive scores, the recently unveiled Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City coming out of nowhere and surprising everyone, and strong Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sales. I recently asked Capcom what’s in store for E3, and what I got back left me very excited.

– Devil May Cry is going to make a huge splash at E3. It was always safe to assume that the title would show up, but after learning more about the game, including the new direction this Dante is taking…I think all the haters from a few months back when the first trailer was revealed are going to re-fall in love with their favorite demon action hero.

– Mega Man Legends 3 is not the only Mega Man game in development. Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is in 2012 and something is underway so expect more at E3. (Plus, Mega Man Universe is getting its plugs pulled).

– We will get a new look at Street Fighter X Tekken, and Capcom has assured that they’re continuing to take notes of what gamers want and are going to show off some exciting content in June.

– I asked about whether or not a new Darkstalkers will see the light…err “dark” of day since the petition is now at 100,000 signatures and Capcom said that 500k was the deal, but anything is possible (suggesting that Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were made because of the fans and thay Mega Man Legends 3 is following in their pattern).

– Finally, I had to mention that Street Fighter turns 25 in 2012, and ask if we could expect Street Fighter 5 or was Street Fighter X Tekken going to be all? After all, for the series’ 15th birthday we got the Anniversary Collection and then we got Street Fighter IV for the 20th anniversary. Although I didn’t get anything solid, at least I was told that “Street Fighter is as important as Mega Man and they’re both turning 25″…so my guess is that something is up!

– Surprises…apparantly there are several games that very few people at Capcom know about and it’s because of those that the company feels confident about having a big presence at E3. I asked for a hint…for even an NDA (Capcom told me about SF4 in confidence way back), but got nothing. I guess we’ll all be shocked. E3, you can’t come soon enough!

7 thoughts on “Capcom plans for their biggest E3 yet. Street Fighter 5 in 2012?”
  1. well

    we have how many Megaman games in the works?

    Megaman Universe
    Megaman World- korean version
    Megaman Legenda 3
    so now we have another Megaman game? let’s hope it’s a Megaman Zero game or Megaman X.
    Megaman 25th Ann? I wonder what bundle collection this would be.

    I’m sure Namco would show off Tekken X Street Fighter! If not, at Tokyo Game Show.
    Also i hope this TGS will not be affected because of the Tsunami disaster.

    Well I don’t know when Street Fighter 3 Third Strike would be released, though it could be part of the anni.

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  3. maybe its another new series of megaman! 😀 but another starforce game would also be nice! i’ve been waiting for megaman for so long man! plsplsplsplsplspls dont be disappointing!! 😀

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