This past Wednesday at a private location in Los Angeles, California, Namco had an event showing off more final builds of games coming out in 2010 as well as some surprises for 2011. Although Tekken X Street Fighter was not on hand, that didn’t mean that later on when all the smoke was settled, something didn’t emerge.

What I gathered from my source within Namco, is that their version of the game will be very different than Street Fighter X Tekken by Capcom and that there’s no collaberation between the two studios on each game’s development, other than the rights to use each franchise’s characters and to keep things balanced.

Ryu in Paul's Gi...get ready for the real thing!

Tekken X Street Fighter is moving along well in development, but aside from the screenshot of a very early build of Ryu in Paul’s Gi, they’re not ready to reveal actual gameplay just yet. Namco does have a personal goal that they’re working very hard on to deliever, and that’s to make Tekken X Street Fighter the better looking game and the superior title as well.

Namco isn’t planning on pulling favorites though, as the Street Fighter characters they’re including will be well represented in numbers (that is a must) and that their move sets will be carefully tooled and and matched with Tekken’s cast. The Street Fighters will also feature the most realistic graphics gamers have ever seen, from facial detail to clothing. Finally, expect some awesome stages and matchups that fans really want to see.

That’s where my scoop ends, and this is where my speculation begins. Personally, I can’t wait to see how another talented developer, in Namco, spins my favorite fighting game characters in their own web. I want to see Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, and everyone else in a brand new artstyle that on the one hand remains faithful to Capcom’s vision, but on the other, looks totally different than what I’m use to seeing.

I also can’t wait to see what kind of stages this game has. Will we have some truly classic, old school places to compete in like Ryu’s dojo? I sure hope so. Time will tell, but at least it’s good to know that developement is headed in the right direction and that both studios are stiffly competing with each other to make sure that “their” game is the best. I think that this means only one thing…err rather two: two awesome fighting games are on their way!

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        1. *Lam0rz, oh. Well when the Namco rep told me about the company’s goal in delivering a very realistic look to the Street Fighter characters, one that we haven’t seen before, I didn’t recall reading that online elsewhere. That and the bit about the stages are things that were new to me personally. It’s cool though, not one person can always be on top of everything.

  1. nice news man!

    “The Street Fighters will also feature the most realistic graphics gamers have ever seen, from facial detail to clothing.”

    so like DOA’s kind of graphics!

    I hope Namco do pull it off right! Cuz SF X T lost my interest! Too much like the failure SF4!

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