If you’re a Pokemon fan (of even if you’re not, but do like video games) you have to check out this trailer. (My friend just provided me with this file via e-mail, so I uploaded it…also because upon looking to see if I could find it myself first on the internet, it didn’t show up anywhere). When this article was originally put up, I didn’t yet know who the creators of it were, either, but have since discovered who the talented folks are:

Lee Majdoub plays Ash Ketchum and is the project’s executive producer, and Kial Natale plays Brock and is the trailer’s director.

I really applaud this team and everyone involved in the project for their great work.

Give this video a closer look in HD.

Nintendo fans are well known for their fandom, be it through pumpkin carvings, cosplay, paintings, or making videos, and so much more. This video has a lot of professionalism to it and though quite different than how Pokemon is normally presented, the take on it is still very neat.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White
What a great time for this video to pop up on the web, with Pokemon Black and White just coming out in Japan.

It also came to my attention that Corey Rollins over at ShogunGamer.com landed a nice interview with this trailer’s creative duo. Let your voices be heard on how they did.

UPDATE: Special thanks to Kial for e-mailing me his official upload. Check it out and please leave them comments!

4 thoughts on “Check out this trailer for Pokemon Apokelypse.”
    1. *Kial, hey great work once again on the video! By the way, the link that you provided me is the url that I put up. Could you give me the one you want so I can link to and embedd it? When I first put this video up, it was just a file named “Pokemon Apokelypse” that I received via e-mail (a very large file), so I stuck it on my channel.

      At the time, there wasn’t anything related to “Pokemon Apokelypse movie trailer” on YouTube that was popping up in “Search”. Now actually, there are half a dozen. The original source should get the credit, I agree.

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