For my 2002 Halloween pumpkin, I decided to go with the biggest and best game of the holiday season…Nintendo and Retro Studios‘ Metroid Prime! This game, to this day, ranks amongst the best video games of all time. Just look at it’s overall ranking on for proof. Anyways, with the amazing live action commercial of the title, the the excellent scores coming out, and the strong desire I had to play another console Metroid game (the first since Super Metroid, several years prior), it was an easy choice of what to carve.

Me carving my Metroid Prime pumpkin
Here’s me carving my Metroid Prime pumpkin. Larger pic.

The front of my Metroid Prime pumpkin
I got that Metroid Prime t-shirt from E3 earlier that year. Larger pic.

Metroid Prime talk on EGM on CNN
My good friend Dan “Shoe” Hsu from Electronic Gaming Monthly had a segment on CNN called “EGM on CNN”. Since he loved Metroid Prime (along with Mak MacDonald and the rest of the EGM crew), I decided to help promote them. Larger pic.

The back of my Metroid Prime pumpkin.
Since I had a big pumpkin to work with, I carved out “Metroid Prime 11-18-02” to help promote the game. Larger pic.

All of the people in my neighborhood were very impressed. The kids loved it and the parents decided to tune into the CNN show to learn more about Metroid Prime! By now, more people started coming to my house, specifically to see my video game themed pumpkins.

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