THQ’s uDraw is perhaps the best 3rd peripheral yet on Wii.

THQ recently showed off their new peripheral for Wii, the uDraw, and it looks like the device will offer a ton of new and innovative games for Wii’s audience to enjoy. It’s a device that will allow gamers to draw with a special pad (that holds a Wii Remote) and pen, and see their work show up on screen. There’s a nice video at WorldOfuDraw.com that shows off some of the titles in development, such as Dood’s Big Adventure, Pictionary, and the packed in uDraw Studio (together $69), but what else could emerge from this THQ published and Pipeworks Software developed device?

At Gamescom we learned more about the close work that Nintendo had with THQ in its development, thanks to THQ director Luis Gigliotti. With that news alone, the possibilities of a Mario Paint 2 are now greater than ever. That’s just a wish though, but internally, I know of two games currently going under consideration by Big N themselves.

Without breaking any non disclosure agreements that I have, I can say that “both games are designed with the mass market gamer in mind, yet honor the passion of traditional gamers.” Rest assured, if either game gets approved, I’ll be the first to know and the first to put up the story (when allowed).

Finally, a bit of fun came out of THQ, as Luis Gigliotti said that before the uDraw became the slick looking device that you see now, it used to be a huge, monstrous block that they nicknamed Frankenstein. More as it breaks.

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