Some Mario fan out there recently wanted to express his or her creative side by painting a few Mario Kart related symbols on a bike lane in Portland, Oregon. The following is a news clip that my friend recorded for me off his DVR. Though some may see this as grafitti, you have to admit…it is pretty cool.

Mario Kart symbols in the real world.

If you ride over the Arrows, pedal fast and pretend you’re getting a real speed boost! Just don’t think that if you ride over the Star, you’ll be invicible against traffic…ouch.

Bananas are dangerous in Mario Kart!
Beware of the banana!

5 thoughts on “Mario Kart symbols pop up in a real world bike lane.”
  1. Anything that will get people’s attention will be called news. I actually like this news more than the other garbage they put in some of the news station.

    Pretty cool for whoever did it and you have to commend him or her since it took time and they might have gotten in trouble for it. Bravo!

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