I found out today from Zipper Interactive, that SOCOM 4 for PlayStation 3 would be delayed to 2011. Although I was looking forward to this next title in the series, this holiday season, I know that in the end, it’s better to delay a game and get it right, than stick it out there early and fail to deliver. I guess SOCOM will join Zelda as a couple of big players in 2011. Below is the word straight from the SOCOM 4 team.

SOCOM 4 will drop in 2011.
“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” – Shigeru Miyamoto. Here’s hoping that SOCOM 4 takes good advantage of its extra time in development.

“Dear SOCOM faithful,
Some of you may have heard through your favorite media outlets that SOCOM 4 is now a 2011 title, and we are writing this letter to you, our community, to confirm that SOCOM 4 is indeed scheduled for release in 2011.

While we’re certainly aware that you’ve been looking forward to playing SOCOM 4 this year, we don’t want to take any shortcuts. Instead, we want to deliver the best and most immersive SOCOM game we possibly can and we’re going to use our extra time to do just that.

Over the coming months, you can expect further updates on our 2011 release, in addition to other gameplay and feature announcements on the official SOCOM 4 blog, which can be found at blog.socom.com.

On behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, we want to thank you for being patient and thank you for sticking with us — it will be worth the wait.


The SOCOM 4 Team”

2 thoughts on “SOCOM 4 for PlayStation 3 has been delayed to 2011.”
  1. I don’t really mind about the wait, I just hope that they have a great single and multiplayer. I’m excited for the integration with the Playstation Move. Hopefully we hear more news about this and I can’t wait for this game to come out.

    1. Yeah, a great single player campaign will make me very pleased…and a solid multiplayer one as well. Before this year’s over, it’d be nice to see a new trailer or at least some updated screenshots

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