Victini #000
#000 Victini

Victini appears in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White’s Pokedex as #000 and is considered to be a “Phantom Legendary” Pokemon. If you want to get one, it’ll be available in Japan this September at Nintendo DS Stations and game stores to download. Sometime in Spring, 2011, when the game comes stateside, Nintendo will probably make a similar way to acquire this Pokemon. More as it comes.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Victini, Pokemon Black and White’s #000.”
  1. Great more Pokemon Games…jk. I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was a kid and the Pokemon series just keeps getting better and better. Pokemon is the type of game that takes you back in time and those who’ve been playing it for awhile can’t resist to buy the new Pokemon game when it comes out. Until Pokemon Black and White comes out, I’ll have to pass the time with SoulSilver. Gotta Catch em All!!!

    1. You Gotta Catch ’em All indeed! Pokemon has really met the test of time, in that, all of these years later, it’s still relevant, popular, and fun to people today. It’s also impressive that it keeps the old gamers from the series’ start, as well as bring in new kids.

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