The most recognized and best (in my opinion) fighting game character ever created is Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter series. Well, today, July 21st, 2010 is his official 46 birthday according to Capcom canon. Here’s to one of the greatest video game characters around today, turning another year older…at least in the video game world. You see, game-wise, he was first introduced in 1987, which means that even in our world, he’s been around for 23 years…hmm, half of his in-game age. Shoryuken!

Ryu from Street Fighter
Ryu from Street Fighter, still kicking ass at 46 years old.

My tribute to Ryu doesn’t stop here, however. You see, it was greatly thanks to Ryu and the whole Street Fighter series, for motivating me to pursue a lifelong career in studying different martial arts. This July actually marks my 23rd year studying various art forms, with the last 6 of which being Ryu’s own Shotokan Karate (in which I’m a 2nd Degree Black Belt-Nidan).

Paul Gale, the real life Ryu.
Nintendo Power called me “The Real Life Ryu”. Do you agree?

There are some game characters that inspire you just as much as real life heroes and for me, Ryu is the man.

Paul Gale with flying air kick.
Ryu’s trademark jump kick attempted by me.

With all the stories out there that you read of kids using guns in real life because of what they learned in a game to do, to get to the end of a level, I like to show that games can have a positive influence on people as well.

Street Fighter Issue #7 also has me in it.
In Street Fighter Issue #7 the comic book by Udon, Capcom calls me the #1 Street Fighter fan and includes me in the back! Who knew that a few years later I’d actually BE a character in Street Fighter IV!

Paul Gale on the right in Street Fighter IV
I’m on the right and will forever be a part of the Street Fighter universe. This is the European Cruise Ship Stage in SF4.

Maybe today’s not my birthday (it’s actually on July 7th), but I can’t help but share some of the fun today with Ryu, since he’s been such an awesome figure in my life as a kid to this day. Here’s to many more awesome games to come starring this original World Warrior.

4 thoughts on “Ryu from Street Fighter turns 46 today!”
  1. You really are the “Real Life Ryu”. I can’t believe you attempted the jump kick when you were a green belt >.< (I can't do that). Looks great though.

    It's really a persons' opinion whether they think video games are a bad or good influence. From my perspective, I think they are great in moderation and can help a kid really find their niche… Just like what happened to you. It's great that your still a devoted fan and Happy birthday to you and Ryu. Hadouken!!!

    1. Thanks a lot regarding the jump kick. 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been training in various martial arts styles for a pretty good amount of time and this kick has always been one of my favorites, so I’m glad it turned out well.

      What you said is also true, about things in moderation. Too much of anything isn’t good, so if you get an overall balance of everything, you’ll be set. Thank you for the birtday wishes, too. Hadouken!

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