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Hi everyone, yesterday I put together a list of Nintendo’s all-time hardware and software sales and decided to do the same for PlayStation…so here we go! (This represents figures from PlayStation’s original December 3rd, 1994 launch in Japan through December 31st, 2021.)

1) PlayStation 2 – 157.68m
2) PlayStation 4 – 116.9m
3) PlayStation – 102.4m
4) PlayStation 3 – 87.4m
5) PSP – 76.4m
6) PlayStation 5 – 17.2m
7) PS Vita – 13.8m

Total hardware sold from the above consoles = 571,780,000 (571.8 million)

PlayStation Classic = .200m (This 200,000 is an approximation, but regardless, is not in the data above.)

1) PlayStation 4 – 1.56b
2) PlayStation 2 – 1.537b
3) PlayStation 3 – 999.4m
4) PlayStation – 962m
5) PSP – 331m
6) PlayStation 5 – 120m (approximate data)
7) PS Vita – 50m

Total software sold from from the above PlayStation consoles: 5,559,400,000 (5 billion, 559.4 million)

PlayStation launched in Japan on December 3rd, 1994.
From July, ’94 to December, ’21: 27 years and 28 days (27.07 years) have passed, with 571,780,000 consoles being sold.

This is an average of 21,122,275 PlayStation consoles being sold per year during that time.

North America received PlayStation on September 9th, 1995 (with Europe getting the console on the 29th of September), so due to the time being only 9 months later, I only supplied one ratio.

Software average from December, 1994 to December, 2021: 5 billion, 559.4 million over that time = 205,371,259 games sold per year.

Again, this average, like the hardware one, doesn’t take in full account to PlayStation releasing 9 months later in North America and Europe, but is not as significant of a gap as on the Famicom to NES side, where its was a 2.25 year difference at minimum.

One other stat: 9.72 to 1 is the ratio of software to hardware across PlayStation’s entire history! (Based off the 5,559,400,000 units of software and 571,780,000 units of hardware that have been sold as of December 31st, 2021).

Like the Nintendo one before it, this was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of PlayStation over the years. Any type of comment is appreciated.

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