Hi everyone, Paul Gale Network received some very good news and it’s regarding Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on Nintendo Switch! Final Fantasy I, II, and III were first released on Steam back in July of 2021, with IV that followed up in September and V in November. RPG fans have to wait just a little bit longer till next month’s Final Fantasy VI, but it’s looking like that entry will benefit the most when it comes to audio and visual improvements.

Of course, many were wondering if the hexalogy will also release on home consoles, so this confirmation should excite many that love the series. The original Final Fantasy games that first debuted on the NES and SNES, making their way back home to a Nintendo console, just seems fitting. Don’t expect these to drop until Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy VI on Steam has had some breathing room, however. More as it develops.

Update: I was given the terminology that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be coming to consoles in 2022, specifying Nintendo Switch. So although this does not confirm it’s coming to PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series, one of those four platforms also being the recipient of these titles is pretty much a given. (And when it’s on one, it’s safe to say it’s likely on that system’s predecessor/successor, too.)