Hi everyone, Paul Gale Network recently received some exclusive information regarding Nintendo Switch and its sales so far for the month of December. From the 1st through the 19th, I can confidently say that over 2 million Nintendo Switch consoles were sold. (Over 2 million could be by 50,000 or it could be by 200-500,000. Since I don’t know that number, I’m going with 2m for now.)

For reference on how I got to 100 million:

– Nintendo Switch was at 92.87 million as of September 30th.
– 711,000 in US in October.
– 1,130,000 in US in November.
– 940,000 in Japan between October and November (actually more than).

2,781,000 sold, not counting Europe, Australia, the rest of North America, South America, China, Africa, etc. for October and November.

That brings the total to 95,651,000, that’s known, by December 1st without missing territories. Since we know that Europe, Australia, and other regions had great Nintendo Switch sales in the last two months and in some cases, performing better than it did respectively to the same periods in prior years, a safe estimation for the rest of the world is 1.3 million. If you add this safe guess to the 95.651m figure, Nintendo Switch is more accurately, at 96,951,000, world wide, as of November 30th.

PGN’s exclusive tip is that more than 2 million were sold thus far in December, which brings the total to 98,951,000 as of December 19th. Since I rounded down from Famitsu’s shared numbers out of Japan, went conservative for Europe/Other’s numbers, and didn’t include what “more than 2 million” could mean, let’s just call Nintendo Switch as of December 19th, world wide, at 99 million.

As for what should we expect between the 20th and 31st, let’s take a little bit deeper of a look:

– Nintendo has sold 8.28 million of their planned 24 million Nintendo Switch units for Fiscal Year 2021, from April 1st through September 30th.
– That leaves 15.72m left for October 1st through March 31st. Assuming they leave 4.0m (690,000 more than the same quarter in 2021, because more may be needed for Pokemon Legends: Arceus) for Q4, this quarter we’re in now would get 11.72m.
– 92.87 + 11.72 = 104.59m by the end of this year.

I believe that of the 15.72m that Nintendo has left, 6.13m have already sold. That leaves 9.59m left as of December 19th. 99 million now + 9.59m remaining will equal just about 108.59m sold by March 31st, 2022.

Back to this year though…Nintendo Switch is either any day now about to hit 100 million or indeed achieved that total in these last three days. I’ll also say that not only will Nintendo Switch definitely hit 100 million, it should clear 102.4m at a minimum by year’s end. That would be 3.4m added to the current 6.13m sold for the quarter, which is on the low side, equaling 9.53 million total for Fiscal Year, Quarter 3 (Calendar Year, Quarter 4).

As a bonus, here are the only other video game consoles to reach 100 million and how long it took each to do so:
(Figures are rounded up, so no “.5’s”, below.)

Game Boy – 134 months
PlayStation – 114 months
Wii – 80 months
PlayStation 2 – 69 months
PlayStation 4 – 67 months
Nintendo Switch – 58 months (should it do so by 12-31-21)
Nintendo DS – 52 months

For what very well could be the perfect time to say this: “Congratulations, Nintendo! Way to go on Nintendo Switch reaching 100 million units in sales faster than any video game home console ever and only second to the Nintendo DS!”


(Conversation on Twitter.)

(Video breakdown of the above information.)