Paul Gale Network just learned that Sony is planning to restock the PlayStation 5 in Japan, in a major way, over the next four weeks…tenfold in fact. It’s no secret that the console has been scare these past several weeks (and even throughout the majority of 2021) back east, especially in comparison to North America, Europe, etc., but the past two weeks have been extra low.

Week 49 (December 6th through 12th) was at 1,133
Week 48 was at 1,919
Week 47 was at 8,987
Week 46 was at 4,30

Fortunately for gamers in Japan, Sony will be pumping stock somewhere in the 10-90,000 range between December 12th and the end of Otoshidama (tradition/holiday in Japan celebrated at beginning of the New Year), which will carry though January 8th.

What I don’t have specifics on is the amount per week and total for the four weeks, but at least things are about to get better for those in Japan. More as it develops.