This past Friday, November 12th, Shin Megami Tensei launched in Japan and sold 143,247 copies (confirmed by Famitsu), with there being a shortage in special edition stock and even regular units to a degree. This number is impressive and only represents physical sales, so I thought I’d see just how it stacks up to other entries in the series. Check it out:

If SMTV moved just 42,000 copies on eShop, that would make this entry the highest opening in franchise history, in Japan. 77.7% physical vs 22.3% digital. It’s worth noting however, that RPG’s like this tend to be pretty high in favor of physical sales, but even if the digital portion is 20% of the total, we’re looking at a game that easily passes the current #2 and is overall, a great start for the game.

Have you picked up Shin Megami Tensei V yet and if so, how are you enjoying it thus far?