Hi everyone, here is today’s episode of Video Game News with Paul Gale Network. For this June 1st, 2021 show, I have something non-video game related to share, as whenever I get the opportunity to give someone that is kind to me, credit, I enjoy doing so. In this case, major props to Zendaya for her friendly and truly genuine interactions with my family and me over the weekend. Bryson, Brooke, Kim, and I had a great time meeting you, so thank you and your friend, again!

In regular video game news, we took a look at a little teaser from Battlefield, did some celebrating with Rare over Battletoads’ 30th anniversary, checked out a photo that Jamie Lee Curtis shared of Cate Blanchett’s character in the upcoming Borderlands movie, and discussed E3’s plans on having an Awards Show on the final day of the event. Also, Happy 25th Birthday to Tom Holland!

Finally, just as I was about to upload today’s video, I received an e-mail saying that Nintendo plans on sharing a 2 minute or so Nintendo Switch Plus presentation sometime between tonight and this Thursday. By now, most of us believe Nintendo’s console refresh to be legitimate and furthermore, be shown any day, with E3 being the latest. Though I did not receive a 100% guarantee from the source, it does add more credibility to this rumor.

Thank you all for watching. Any like, comment, or subscribe is greatly appreciated. Have a good one.

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