Hello everyone! I am happy to share that Paul Gale Network’s Annual E3 Q/A is coming back! If you’re new to PGN, let me break down what got us here. My first attended E3 was in 2000, but it was beginning with my third visit in 2002 that I began my Official E3 Q/A article for Gamers.com. I went to the show every day and throughout/when coming back home, would answer every single question from every single gamer. This took place in our old forums and the activity would last all summer long. From how a new controller felt to what my favorite game of the show was…from who had the best booth to what company’s reps were the most kind. Everything was answered!

I continued this tradition when we shifted over to 1Up.com and kept it alive while working for Bitmob.com, too. All the way up until E3 2019, I loved doing it, with the last few years being a PGN exclusive. For E3 2020, just a couple of weeks after I received my legacy invite, the event was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic, which is why I’m especially proud of everyone behind the scenes that is making E3 possible for 2021. Now since it’s a digital event this time around, I won’t have hands on impressions, but will still provide feedback on the entire show. Paul Gale Network will be live streaming on YouTube, posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook…along with answering any questions you have right here.

There’s plenty reason to be excited. E3 2021 also makes it my 21st E3! Here’s a fun look back at my first 16, featuring Nintendo:

See you all in three weeks!

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