Nintendo Hollywood, revealed by Paul Gale Network, is a brand new store coming to Universal City Walk, California.

One week ahead of Nintendo’s quarter report, I have been given the OK to announce that the partnership between Nintendo and Universal is stronger than ever and that the next product to come from this friendship, is a Nintendo Hollywood Store opening up on the west coast! The Pokémon Center first debuted in New York City,back in 2001 and became the Nintendo World Store in 2005. Its name then changed to Nintendo New York in 2016. After all of these years, Nintendo is ready for another big store, comparable to the New York one. The final name may change as may the end location (occupying the former Saddle Ranch is the primary candidate as of now), but one thing is certain and that’s that it’s a beauty.

If you do not hear of this news during the Nintendo quarter report on October 30th, I’m being told that November 16th (Mr. Miyamoto’s birthday and the original grand opening of The Pokémon Center) is when Nintendo will share the first video, featuring pictures of the store’s design. I am unable to share any visuals that I have, aside from what is included in this article. This is definitely great news for us living in California, but also for the millions that visit the state each year. For now…when you come over, you’ve got one more awesome place to mark on your map that you’ll have to check out!

To Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa, all at Nintendo, and all at Universal that are making this possible…thank you!

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Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa and Paul Gale Network at E3 2018 - Here is to Nintendo Hollywood at Universal Studios CityWalk
E3 2018: Shuntaro Furukawa and Paul Gale

Universal Studios and Nintendo are becoming really close friends - Paul Gale Network is excited for Nintendo Hollywood opening up in Universal Studios CityWalk
Universal and Nintendo becoming great friends

Paul Gale Network and wife, Kim Gale, are big Nintendo fans and are anticipating the Nintendo Hollywood Store's big debut at Universal Studios CityWalk
Paul Gale and Kim Gale at Universal CityWalk

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