Nintendo just announced that an animated movie based on the world of Super Mario Bros. is happening, with a partnership between them and Illumination Entertainment. The film will be co-financed by both Universal Pictures and Nintendo. Check out the image below for more information.

An animated Super Mario Bros. movie is now official! Read more on Paul Gale Network

This is honestly a dream come true, as it’s been 25 years since a Mario film last hit theaters and this time around, with Mr. Miyamoto on board…I have a feeling that we’ll be in for a pleasant treat. One thing on my mind is who will be cast as Mario. The logical choice is Charles Martinet, who has been voicing Mario (and other Nintendo characters) for over 20 years. Help spread the word that you want Charles involved, by using #MarioMovieMartinet on Twitter and social media. Here’s to the movie being a hit!

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