Nintendo Switch t-shirts worn by Bryson Paul Gale and Paul Gale Network!

Last week, Kate from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Facebook page, sent me a congratulations on our soon to be daughter, Brooke Zelda Gale, that my wife and I are expecting next month. What caught her attention was the following:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild baby announcement photo shoot for Brooke Zelda Gale, by Bryson Paul Gale as Link, on Paul Gale Network
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What was unexpected, but really awesome, was her thoughtfulness and consideration, when she said that the Nintendo Social Media Team would like to send us some baby gifts. What arrived today was the following bag full of goodies:

Super Mario, NES, and Game Boy themed snack bags and bibs…awesome! Thank you so much. My wife and I really appreciate it and so does Bryson Paul Gale. 🙂 To all of you at Nintendo, take care, here’s wishing you all the best, and here’s to a successful launch of Nintendo Switch!

Bryson Paul Gale and Paul Gale Network wearing Nintendo Switch t-shirts while opening up Baby gifts sent by the Nintendo Social Media Team, for Brooke Zelda Gale!

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