Power Rangers 2017 Zord poster on Paul Gale Network
New Power Rangers Zord poster from ComicBook.com

Paul Gale Network has sources close to the Power Rangers 2017 film and has learned a lot of information about the anticipated reboot. Be forewarned that this article does include some significant spoilers.

For starters, early in the movie we will get a look at pre-tube Zordon, walking around and getting some solid backstory. For the majority of the film, however, the character will be in a tube, similar to how he was set up in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series.

On the opposite end of Zordon, is Rita, who is indeed the Green Ranger, ultimate bad guy and all. She’s crazy and theatrical and is just the type of villain to make for a new entry point in what will hopefully become a multitude of movies.

Regarding the concerns of Alpha 5, I was told to give him a chance and that his alienesque look, makes sense for the movie and that the character remains likable, despite the drastic change in appearance from the original.

When it comes to the Zords, my sources said they look great when each is seen it their entirety and are animated really well. Their cockpits look cool, their weapons are unique, and the real kicker…the MegaZord, despite the early look at the toy version, turning a lot of fans off…is very fresh on screen and that you still get somewhat of a robotic feel.

Finally, for those wondering if the movie will feature any classic tunes or actors, the answer to both is YES. The movie stays pretty serious and modern for most of the experience and it isn’t until a good amount in, that the rangers get their costumes, we hear, “Go Go Power Rangers”, and the vibe gets more in line with the TV show. Some of the original cast make an appearance in the Megazord at the end of the movie, taking pictures with each other in the cockpit. Currently that last part is intended for use as a post-credit scene.

PGN has been a fan of Power Rangers since its inception and is definitely looking forward to March 24th, next year. In the meantime, here’s to the soon-to-be released new trailer!

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