Godzilla vs. Kong was just announced and Paul Gale Network has already been hearing so many fans complain about how the movie won’t make sense, how it’s easily a landslide victory for Godzilla, etc., when they should be excited for the possibilities that hopefully some good writers on board will come up with. To those of you that are excited already, thank you!

Here are some of my ideas, anyhow, on how the movie could work, including Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla 2 (2018), which come out before it.

Kong: Skull Island takes place and does its own thing, some time before 2014. This could be either a couple decades earlier or just a few years earlier. In the movie, King Kong is 50 feet tall (what Merian Cooper…his creator originally wanted him to be) and battles against other dinosaurs, etc.

At the end of the movie, we see a small scene that says “X amount of years later” with a ton of nuclear energy heading towards Skull Island.

The final scene is a shadow of King Kong starting to grow, as a result of the nuclear radiation.

This either turns Skull Island into Monster Island and affects everything on it, this being where the other Godzilla friends/foes come from…or it just effects Kong due to his placement on the island when the nuclear energy hits it (for instance, while he’s sitting on the highest part of any mountain here).

Godzilla 2 comes out and some of the monsters from Monster Island (could be the former Skull Island or could just be its own place), fight Godzilla, etc.

Here we are at Godzilla vs. Kong. King Kong was the most badass beast on his own island, but now that he’s gone from being 50 feet tall to 300 feet tall (still 50 feet shorter than Godzilla), there’s no more challenge on his island, so he seeks the source of this radiation…which was caused from Godzilla and the baddies from the 2014 film.

King Kong either goes to either New York or California, wrecks havoc looking for Godzilla and eventually faces off against him. One wins one round, then they fight again and the other wins that round, then the other monsters from Monster Island team up to take on both King Kong and Godzilla, so they put their feud to the side and team up.

I know I mentioned that Skull Island could become Monster Island as one possibility, but throughout most of this writing, I’ve gone with the idea that only Kong was affected on his island and that’s why he leaves, to find bigger competition.

It could work out too though, that Skull Island becomes Monster Island and King Kong simply beats the other monsters that were affected too, which is why they retreat and fight Godzilla.

When Godzilla would see these other big monsters already having been defeated, he actually is the one that seeks out Kong.

Either angle works. The only thing that gets kind of messed up in this, is that the events of the original King Kong end up never having taken place. (A fun bit could however be if King Kong just tears through the Empire State Building and someone says, “Too bad he wasn’t just a 50′ ape that we could shoot down with some plans, huh?”)

Or…they could have still taken place, many years ago, and after the humans regrettable killed (which would turn out to actually just be horribly wounded) King Kong, they brought him back to Skull Island, after doing some surgery to help him out, and then that leads up to the Kong: King of Skull Island film.

These are all fairly sound ideas at the very least. What do you all think? Paul Gale Network is very excited for all three of these upcoming films. Are you!?

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