Two months ago in my E3 2014 prep story, I let you all know that once again I would be doing my Q/A where you could ask away at anything going on at the show itself and I would answer you. Well…that time is now!

Any question you can think of pertaining to anything E3, is totally fair game. This is my way of bringing the show closer to you. Thank you in advance for the questions, because I really do enjoy answering them. Oh and just so you know, I will be answering questions in this article’s comments section all throughout summer if there’s a need for it. So basically, don’t feel limited to only during these next three days. I’m here for you!

E3 2014 Q/A Preparation Article

2 thoughts on “Official E3 2014 Q/A on Paul Gale Network. Ask me any single question and I promise to answer!”
  1. He y paul theres a few rumores out there..
    1.- it’s true that crash bandicoot is back with sony
    2.- playstation allstars round 2 what about that????
    3.- did you know something about kingdom hearts 3???
    4.- the movies about ratchet and clank, sly cooper and heavenly sword are going to be from this year forward but what about others IP’s???? Do you know what others IP’s are getting a movie????
    Thank you dude

    1. 1) In regards to Crash Bandicoot, Activision is holding onto the franchise pretty tightly, not even allowing Naughty Dog to use him in their fan art contest as part of their 30th Anniversary art book. What I can say is that coming from a friend in Activision, “Crash is oftentimes discussed about with companies outside our own.” What was meant is that he isn’t a forgotten character and that he is wanted for various projects. What will come of those wants by others, if anything, remains to be seen.
      2) Sony knows that people want a sequel. The first game sold 1 million copies so it wasn’t a failure, but did less than desired. Wait and see…
      3) Kingdom Hearts 3 is well into development and may see a release in 2015, but the size and scope of the game is big, so Square-Enix is taking their time with it. Plenty of new worlds are expected, both from Disney’s live action films and classic animated ones. There will be a good mixture of old and new environments and with the power of the new consoles, everything will be bigger, the gameplay is planned to be much more varied than before, and Square-Enix is really wanting this title to be a defining difference in visuals from what we’ve seen the new consoles do so far. It hasn’t been confirmed if a trailer will be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2014…but that would be nice!
      4) Aside from the movies announced, I don’t know of any others just yet in the pipeline.

      You’re welcome!

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